Summer 2003 found the hottest in 500 years




Swiss Dr. Jörg Laterbaker (Juerg Luterbacher) and his colleagues at the University of Bern (Universitat Bern) analyzed the data of the "thermal history" of Europe and found that the summer of 2003 was the hottest in the last five centuries.

In particular, the researchers analyzed the hidden information in the annual rings of trees and grain of soil.

It turned out that the summer of 1757, considered the most "hot", giving leadership to the summer last year. Researchers have reported "exceptionally strong and unprecedented warming trend", manifested in 1977.

The coldest in the last 500 years is summer 1902. European winters are also becoming warmer.

Swiss scientists are not ready to name the culprit temperature rise: "We were not trying to find a reason, did not do any analysis of the human influence, — said Dr. Laterbaker. — We just tell that they found."


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