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About the unknown dangers of hair removal, the method of lymphatic drainage massage, which allows for a couple of weeks to reduce hips by five centimeters, about how a couple of days to get rid of "spider veins", and also about what is dangerous summer for our feet, we talked tothe chief physician Medical facility on Phlebology, surgeon phlebologist Luxury, MD Igor Carenko.

— As the summer affects our veins?

In the hottest time of the year for people with poor state of veins should be especially careful. In the summer of increased risk of thrombosis, the veins may react to changes in temperature, level crossings. May pose a serious risk of flight and air travel in buses: prolonged sitting position causes a condition known as "deep vein thrombosis", which can result in a healthy appearance vacationer in a hospital bed. So visit physician phlebologist for people who really care about their health, just necessary.

— But I heard that in the summer it is better not to treat the veins. Is this true?

No, not really. In summer, it is not necessary to conduct major operations — phlebectomy. But this is just one of the ways of treatment, and most of the patients we help without surgery. Moreover, many enough to take preventive measures — a special compression stockings, reducing the water load, the selection of the mode of training. All this, together with the appointment of medicines, reduces swelling, pain, heaviness. So phlebologist can be visited all year round.

— However, in the heat of compression stockings to wear hard. And limit yourself to the liquid in the summer you do not want. What other methods of dealing with varicose veins offers a medical facility on Phlebology?

There is a particularly fashionable this season, design, allows you to quickly and painlessly alleviate the condition of our patients — lymphatic drainage massage. It can be performed at any time, and it significantly improves the condition of the feet.

— You call lymphatic drainage massage "fashionable." He deserved it so popular?

The fact that the massage has not only therapeutic, but also cosmetic effect. It can even adjust the shape …

— What is this procedure?

Lymphatic drainage massage sessions in our clinic — a rather pleasant procedure. The patient lies down on his feet and put on a special inflatable lymphodrainaging stockings, in which air is blown a certain order. At this time you can relax, read a book, nap. Length average of one hour. Only needs to spend about 10 sessions — a day or daily.

— What is the result?

We can say that the state of the legs is greatly improved. Reduces swelling, heaviness disappears. From this man and feels better. And, it also reduces the amount of calf, thighs.

— How much?

After the first session usually1-15 centimeters. Upon completion of the course, after 10 sessions in our clinic could achieve a reduction of up to five centimeters, using only a massage.

— Resistant to the result?

Yes, the effect of lymphatic drainage massage is very good. The result depends on the state of the whole venous system of the legs. If we apply a lymphatic drainage massage, as the recovery method after treatment of varicose veins, the result will remain forever. If the problem is not completely solved, our method allows us to "ride out" the summer or even some a time when a woman would not want to be distracted by the operation, while keeping your feet beautiful and healthy for a period of not less than 4-5 months.

— Is especially relevant during the holiday season problems with the veins in the legs are shown not only edema. Many are unhappy with spider veins, pigmented areas, the veins show through the skin. With that nothing can be done quickly?

It is possible. The most simple — "spider veins" — can be removed by mikroskleroterapii. All of this defect and the remnants of an intervention completely disappear by the end of the fourth day after the procedure.

After sclerotherapy and leave dark spots that appear on top of varicose veins. It is not as fast, but steadily.

— What is this intervention?

Affected veins are removed, as in operation, and "glued" special preparations administered via syringe, thereby improving blood flow in healthy vessels.

— What if surgery is necessary — it is long-term disability, a large recovery period, hospitalization?

Not necessarily. In our clinic we have developed a new type of surgical intervention in combination with sclerotherapy vein. In carrying out this operation the patient leaves the clinic insame- day on their feet. The next day, the patient may have to return to their daily routine.

In any case, I consider it necessary to stress that if you have a some varicose veins treatment is necessary to carry out a qualified phlebologist. An experienced specialist will tell you how to get around a lot of pitfalls.

— Like what?

For example, if you have varicose veins if it is necessary to be wary of hair removal. In no case can not use methods associated with heating, in doubt epilation. It is impossible to rashireniem veins on the legs to go to the solarium or lie in the sun, in short, not allowed to exceed the temperature regime.

— But we can not be aware of the outbreak of the disease and thus hurt yourself …

Yes. Therefore, even before the appearance of visible veins, just when feeling of heaviness, fatigue, or cosmetic defects should immediately consult a doctor — phlebologist.

Source: The medical establishment on Phlebology

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