T-90ms against China, «Arjuna» against Pakistan — discussion in the Indian Army

T-90ms against China,

Senior army generals try to postpone tests India Arjun tank in favor of the acquisition of new Russian T-90ms, report Business Standard newspaper its sources. Upcoming tests tank «Arjun» moved to another date, that the media was not reporting on these advantages over tanks T-90, wrote in his blog recognizable military journalist Ajay Shukla (Ajai Shukla).

The tests have been pushed to the second plan to address the Directorate of Defense military operations in India, which is tightly interwoven with the Chief of Army Staff.

At stake is the probable acquisition of 354 new T-90ms to equip six tank regiments on the border with China. These tanks government longs to bring equipment 2-tank brigades and shock Mining Corps.

T-90ms will complement the fleet of 1657 T-90S and T-72S in 2414, already deployed on the border with Pakistan. Currently, armed land forces, there are only 124 tank «Arjun» with a probable acquisition of another 118 cars. But the army command denies that the Department «torpedoes» tests «Arjun».
Tank «Arjun», developed by the Indian defense research organization and development of DRDO, has based its an advantage over the T-90 in comparative trials. But the army claims that the 60-ton tank is very hard to operate in the sands of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir, and therefore their deployment in the deserts of Rajasthan should be limited. This means that «Arjun» can be completed only 4-6 tank regiments of 65.

DRDO refutes this logic of war, stating that «heavy weight of the tank» Arjun «distributed to more rollers, whereby the proportion of the ground it is lower than the T-90.» These reasons are supported by history, when, during the Indo-Pakistani conflict, Pakistani 42-ton M48 myagenkoy stuck in the soil of Punjab, while the 51-ton «Centurions» Indian Army just moved on the battlefield.

T-90ms is a modernized version of the T-90S tanks, which India buys from 2001. It is believed that these tanks are ideal for use in extremely low temperatures of Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. «Arjun», by contrast, feels perfectly at high temperatures of the Indian plains, where the T-90S more than once out of order. Currently, T-90S series production at the plant engineering languid in Avadi (Chennai). Indian tanks assembly were the least reliable than machines supplied from Russia.

«Deploying T-90ms on the border with China is justified, but in areas with high temperatures (on the border with Pakistan),» Arjun «should be given a chance to substitute Russian tanks,» says one of the existing tank corps commanders in the rank of General of the Army.

6 tank regiments on the border with China will be included in the 2-tank brigades deployed in Ladakh and north-east of the state. Both sectors contain the plains and plateaus, in which China could use its tanks. New shelves will protect these areas, also provide potential retaliation if attacked China.

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