Taiga midges undertook Ivanovo animals



26.05.12.Spetsialisty note: such cases — mortality of cattle from midges — in the region have not yet been observed.

And this is due, most likely, with the May abnormal heat, which stood for a few days. Now, despite the fact that the hot weather has receded, the population continues to buy up Yurievets pharmacies drugs that protect against bites of dangerous insects. Midges, which settled on the banks of the Volga, has always lived only in areas of the taiga.

"The bite of the midge is very allergic, causing swelling of the throat, and the animals fell from suffocation. All areas have been notified by us. Now, with the cooling, the crisis passed. People also need to be very careful who are prone to allergic reactions "- said by telephone from Yurievets Acting the station to combat animal diseases Vladimir Fedulitov.

Source: Lead Ivanovo

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