Taimyr phenomenon: even cold polar bears


February 17, 2013. Taimyr Peninsula — Peninsula, the northernmost part of mainland Russia. Live and work here explorers — bearded men with stern faces and warm hearts.

The Taimyr Peninsula is located in the Arctic and sub-Arctic zone, which defines the extreme severity of the local climate. It is characterized by long cold winters with temperatures up to? 62 and short cool summers. The average annual temperature is £ 14.

In the past five days, Europe has experienced extremely cold weather. Daytime highs not exceed? 43, and nightly lows go for £ 50. Saturday night February 16 in Hatanga temperature reached its lowest level for that day in the history of observations (? 50.6). Previous extremum minimum temperature was recorded over 40 years ago, in 1972 (? 47.9).

Another extreme point of Russia is Tiksi. In this land of polar bears in the Arctic coast of eastern Siberia from 14 to 16 February found three new daily minimum:? 48.6,? 48.3 and? 49.5 respectively.

It is important to note that these — "Yakut" — cold for this area are uncommon. Here often with Atlantic cyclones penetrate the warm air masses. Therefore, the most common in the Taimyr is the blizzard that takes him captive at times for weeks. Almost always blow strong winds.

And then, by chance, the region called the graveyard of cyclones, as in Taimyr complete their life many Atlantic and southern vortices.

Source: News Gismeteo

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