Taiwan suffers from floods and landslides. Video


20.07.11.Tayvan affected by floods and landslides. Of the affected areas were evacuated hundreds of people. Difficult situation in Kao-hsiung.

There element destroyed houses and washed away roads. No casualties and victims are still unknown. Only today have moved into temporary camps near the thousands of local residents. According to forecasts, rainfall, causing landslides, prolonged for several days.

Lifeguard: "Harder with children and pensioners. They can not stay on the rope, so they are extracted by excavators. "

Lifeguard: "The rain did not stop, and it is a very complicated situation. Roads washed out, and sometimes — destroyed by the landslide soil. "

Source: berita.ru , NTDRussian

In Taiwan, a mass evacuation because of the threat of landslides

20.07.11.A from the mountains of Taiwan because of the threat of floods and landslides evacuated residents of the 46 villages. Residents of six more villages were warned of a possible evacuation.

Some villages washed away debris flow almost as soon as they left the people. In order to move to a safe place, the local residents have to cross the bridge over the raging rivers that threaten at any moment to carry them. At this point in temporary camps, equipped in temples, churches and public buildings, located about a thousand people. Forecasters say the heavy rains, which brought Typhoon Ma-On, do not stop until the end of the week.

Source: Agency "Khabar"

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