Tajikistan were promised a 300-meter high tsunami


Photo: RIA "Novosti"

29.03.11.Moschnye tremors similar to those observed in Japan during the devastating earthquake on March 11, can break up large hydro Central Asia and to flood the territory of several countries located there, the director of the Uzbek Sergey Hydroproject Zhigarev.
In "Rogun project — tsunami for Central Asia," published in "The Truth of the East" on Tuesday, Zhigarev writes about the possible consequences of the disaster in the case of destruction of the Rogun hydropower plant, planned to Tajikistan.
"In the event of a major earthquake, like the Japanese, in the dam height of over 335 meters of a sharp increase in stress caused by shifts base and tremendous pressure of the water column (300 meters). It is clear that the dam can not withstand such a combination of loads and destroyed, this will trigger a tsunami, "- said the expert.


He notes that in the event of failure of the dam Rogun water bank will be at least 100 meters.

"If implemented, this project is an adventure Rogun HPP wave height, which at its destruction would rush down the Vakhsh River, will be at least 100 meters above the ground and the destructive capacity far exceeds tsunami in Japan," — said Zhigarev, transfers "Interfax".

According to him, the dam will break to the unprecedented catastrophe for the whole of Central Asia, particularly for Tajikistan itself. Experts predict that in this scenario the huge mass of water would rush down at a rate of 130 meters per second in the direction of Nurek. Nurek dam will be completely destroyed, and the city of Nurek water overflowed shaft height of 280 meters. In the same way would destroy all remaining hydro and hydro Vakhsh cascade and flooded the city Sarbaev, Kurgan and almost all Rumy.

According to the forecast of the Uzbek scholar, "this city will accept the first blow water shaft, which, continuing the destructive movement, flooding dozens of other towns and villages in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan."


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