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Today, July 27, 2011 at the email address of the time factor was a letter from residents of Rogun to publish my rebuttal of information the published July 23, 2011 under the heading:

Urgent! Rogun dam on a crack 

Here is the text of the letter:

Residents g.Rogun: What is the purpose of false publication "Urgent! Rogun dam on a crack "

We, a group of residents of Rogun working for Rogun, very surprised to read an article of a Fateh Dzhobirova entitled "Urgent! Rogun dam on a crack, "which was published on 22 July 2011 in the pages of the website" CentrAsia. " We would like to know who is and why we need this false information?
Indeed, on the night of 19 to 20 July this year, residents of Rogun, like the inhabitants of other regions of the country, felt the tremors — then we did not know which of the 7 houses and 35 people may have been affected. Fortunately, in Rogun of this earthquake does not hurt either one of the residents and none of the buildings of the city are not prejudiced.
According to information which is broadcast on national television, the people of other areas of the country are also not affected, except for residents of Khujand, which at the time of the earthquake in a fright jumped out of the window of his apartment, and as a result of the injuries he died. Fortunately, the other death and destruction throughout the country there.
Currently, residents of Rogun, as before, are busy with their daily activities and concerns.
In reporting on the alleged cause cracks in the dam Rogun you, Mr. Fateh Jabiru obviously rushed, since the construction of the dam has not yet begun!
Fateh Dzhabirova article is pure lies! But what is the purpose of this publication?
Maybe Mr. Fateh Dzhobirov or respected the site is "CentrAsia" explain to us?
Sincerely residents Rogun — Murod Sadulloev, Anvarshoh Murodov Nurali Akhmadov Abdusattor Gashev and others.

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