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In Haiti, the practice was introduced by priests zombie "voodoo" and the descendants of black slaves, natives of Dahomey today. It consists of two units: first, murder, and then return to life, writes UNION.

1. The victim, who intends to turn into a "zombie", put poison in the food, prepared from fish — two-pronged (Diodon histriks). This fish has a very strong nerve poison (tetrodotoxin), exceeding the impact of potassium cyanide in 500. The victim immediately stopped breathing, turning blue surface of the body, eyes glaze over — comes apparent death.

2. After a few days, died of poison kidnapped from the cemetery to bring back to life. So it becomes a "zombie". The realization of the "I" back to them is not fully or not returned at all. However, this loss of memory and self-awareness is not always irreversible. Judge it allows several cases involving zombies. A certain Natagetta Joseph died in 1966, as her family was given a certificate from the local police department. She was buried, and six years later, the villagers met her wandering around the village, where she once lived. In another case, a 30 year old woman died, as well as the recording was made in the town hall. And after 3 years my husband met her in a "zombie". She worked on the plantation in a remote area.

The story of Narcissus Klavdiusom received much publicity. He was a tough lawsuit with his brothers over land. In the spring of 1962, he suddenly fell ill and was admitted to the hospital, where he died shortly after. The death has been ascertained by two leading physicians. Mourned relatives, he was buried. When consciousness returned to him, it turned out that he was on a farm, where he worked in the fields from dawn to dusk with a hundred others like it.

Klavdius Narcissus died, was mourned by relatives and buried. He was brought back to life and made a "zombie".

According to observations by the researcher, who spent several years in Haiti, for a "zombie" pre-select the most physically strong, so that later, returning to life, to use them as slaves on the sugar plantations.


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