Teleportation and weapon of the future

Teleportation and weapon of the future
Scientists on the verge of discoveries that dramatically change the means and methods of warfare
Konstantin Sivkov
The results of studies with sometimes very little to do with the army, capable of in the coming 20 years, have a significant impact on the type of weapons systems, the nature and content of hostilities.

The mechanism of influence of science on the development of weapons, military and special equipment (AMSE) has two main components — the ontological and epistemological, suggesting resolution of basic and applied problems.

First significant for the development of science as a whole or for a few of its branches. In most cases the fundamental decisions affect the development of military technology base through new ways to address existing or shown again applied problems.

Second significant for the individual application areas of science. Usually, their resolution has a specific impact on the development of basic military technology.

The entire list of available science problems is quite large and in a single article can not be considered. Therefore focus only on those who are able to provide in the future a significant impact on the development of AMSE.

Unified Field Theory

One of the problems — the development of a unified field theory. She most likely will get solved only in the long term, and therefore its impact on the development of AMSE felt only in the distant future. For military affairs it will have a dual significance.

On the one hand, with sufficient predictive abilities such disclosure except theory and mathematical description of all four recognizable interactions (gravitational, electric, strong and feeble) within it must seem method to identify other types of interaction between matter and experimental verification of their existence. This will give new powers to create wonderfully AMSE other systems based on the use of these fields and the effects of their mutual influence.

On the other — such a theory may explain will allow a fairly large class of phenomena which are connected voedinyzhdy now titled «paranormal.» Absolute most of them — it’s nothing confirmed fiction okolonauchnom crooks. But there is a sufficient statistic strictly scientifically documented phenomena of this kind (namely psychic and clairvoyance), which does not allow them to just shrug and ask their own explanations.

Disclosure devices appearance of such phenomena and their formal description perfectly reveal new capabilities of the armed struggle, first in the field of information, as in the development of mind control. Most researchers do not deny the existence of similar phenomena converge on the fact that in their database should be based on new types of fields, as yet unknown to science. Prevent them from opening fully possible, given that the population of the earth entered the XX century with 2 types of fields — gravitational and electric, and came with 4, adding a strong and rather weak interaction. In addition, you should keep in mind that we do not really know enough about our world, simply to dismiss the phenomena that do not fit into the current view of it, let’s not forget the fate of genetics, cybernetics, and geopolitics.

Now unified field theory as yet to be no. Work on its creation is conducted on two main fronts, ideological base is created in the early XX century.

First of them is based on quantum representations describing all kinds of fields, according to which the mechanism of their appearance is the exchange of virtual particles of special (eg for the electric field — are photons). In the Standard Model, based on the quantum approach, managed to get a satisfactory description of the recognizable 4 field interactions. Higgs boson discovery confirmed the correctness of the theory. But perfectly describing these processes, quantum approach does not allow to move further — theoretically possible to predict new types of interactions. Impossible to find in this theory, and a satisfactory explanation of some effects of the microcosm, namely teleportation state nanoparticles (although formal mathematical description of this phenomenon in the framework of the Standard Model exists). In other words, it does not have sufficient progosticheskim potential.

Second approach is based on geometric representations arising from the concept of education as a manifestation of the gravitational field and the crooked places in the general theory of relativity. Here the sample to form a unified field theory by introducing additional measurement locations (the concept of the Kaluza-Weyl), the curvature of which leads to the appearance of electrical and other basic fields until With years of success.

Actively developed in the current time, superstring theory (related to the geometric approach faster than the quantum) potentially should give more profound description of the phenomena of the microworld and practically capable of becoming the unified field theory. But the results that can be tested experimentally, the developers of this theory have not yet received.

Because modern physics finds signs of other effects that can give impetus to the development of theoretical ideas about the microworld, increasing the power of experimental facilities (namely creating the Large Hadron Collider).

Despite the enormous complexity of tasks to construct a unified field theory, we can expect that in the coming two to three decades, it has been formulated. Pledge of success are the merits of modern arithmetic and Cybernetics.

Such a theory will revolutionize warfare, similar to that which occurred as a result of the creation of the quantum theory, which led eventually to the development of atomic and thermonuclear weapons, the birth of nuclear energy, to the whole range of science and technology that make up the base of the current progress — from microelectronics to microbiology.

Based on the use of other currently unknown forms of energy may seem these types of guns, in comparison with which the nuclear weapon seem just a child a cracker.

Geophysics and climate formation

More fascinating Applied methodological problem that is important for future development AMSE is to develop ways to predict the development of geophysical and climate-forming processes under the influence of different reasons destabilizing with precision, accuracy and reliability, which would make it possible to produce the desired formation of temper or weather geophysical processes in these areas planet. Now in this direction there are fairly intense studies, first in the United States.

Relevance of the difficulties for military affairs substantiated occurrence means to exert quite a massive impact on geophysics and climate of the planet is actually globally.

It was first recognized HAARP — complex capable of significant impacts on the Earth’s ionosphere. He it forms the «ion cloud», in which due to the concentration of the microwave energy from several powerful emitters appears plasma. Warhead or a plane hitting one of those areas or in the adjacent area will be destroyed. In other words HAARP initially created as a complex missile defense.

But during its trial operation revealed that he is able to have some impact on the Earth and geophysics pogodoobrazovanie over considerable areas. Ability to influence the weather HAARP justified by the fact that the state of the ionosphere and the troposphere is very dependent on each other. As a result, fluctuations in the ionosphere caused by exposure of the complex, will inevitably lead to a change in the weather test.

Physics impact HAARP geophysical processes based on the fact that the Earth is based on the beliefs of electromagnetism is a huge spherical capacitor, whose outer conductive shell is represented by the ionosphere and the inner conductive core — the crust and the magma, which is located between the insulator — owning a weak electron conductivity lower layers atmosphere. Pretty intense ionospheric fluctuations can lead to a response in the deep layers of the Earth in the form of oscillation processes in the magma. Consequence become energy discharges in areas of geological strengths at the joints of geological plates, which manifests itself in the form of earthquakes. Lack of efficient as any prediction of such effects makes use of HAARP actually unpredictable, which may under certain conditions lead to disaster for themselves owners of this technique.

Together with the development of technology for those on a clear prediction of the effects of HAARP will turn into a massive climatic and geophysical instrument. Activity here is in two main fronts.

In 1-x, based on the creation of special complexes of supercomputers that will simulate pogodoobrazovanie over significant areas and geophysical processes, the consequence of which will be earthquakes in certain areas.

In-2-collection and statistical classification of disk imaging on these phenomena in quantities sufficient to support their prediction.

Modification of life

The first application of the ontological problems should be identified with the creation of living creatures these qualities based on genetic engineering techniques. Important for the development of military affairs in this field are in the direction of the creation of disease-causing microbes and viruses with high-grade ability on race. Problem is, that pathogenic micro-organisms were not safe only for a certain group of people defined by race. Such works are currently being carried out in the United States. Hitherto failed to achieve the required level of «racial selectivity.» But some progress is already there — appeared previously unknown pathogens that for some races more unsafe, but for others — less. As an example, SARS and avian influenza.

Beam guns

Creating a high-powered compact generators radiation microwave radio spectrum, optical and X-ray is the main condition for the development of a family of high-performance ray guns. Work in this area has become a priority within the missile defense programs from the United States.

Goals guns using microwave radiation, electrical systems become military targets of the various purposes, including aircraft.

Massive generators of coherent optical and X-rays have allowed to do laser gun. First of its standards have been adopted by the U.S. Navy.

In the future they will be the main armament of cosmic combat systems of the future, which will be capable of destroying not only of cosmic, and terrestrial objects. But you need to solving the problem of high-energy beams passing electrical energy of the optical and X-ray ranges through the atmosphere.

Heavy Duty computer

Significant for military affairs will be the implementation capacity use teleportation effect states of quantum particles in promising electrical systems first creation on this computer base.

Being part of the effect is that if two and more than nanoparticles with quantum qualities were expressed in one system, and then left it and went in the space, the change of state at which some of them simultaneously leads to certain changes in the condition of the other particles this group.

It is believed that the use of quantum teleportation will allow to make a relatively compact computer owning huge capacity far exceeds even modern supercomputers.

This is due to the fact that one of the main reasons for limiting the speed of computation, is now the propagation velocity of the electric field. Application effect teleportation of quantum states of the particles will remove this restriction.

These systems will revolutionize the military cybernetics — reduced by orders of magnitude in terms of information processing ACS will increase the pace of warfare, will significantly increase the quality of decision-making, ability to expand robotics armed forces through the introduction of more complex models that take into account a lot of reasons, and most importantly — quality will jump in the level of intelligence, accuracy, reliability, validity and responsiveness of systems management tool and hardware.


Important role in the development of weapons systems will play a solution to the problem of creation of technical devices with the required nanoscale multifunctional capabilities and ability to replicate.

In this area, the main difficulties arise from the fact that the formation and behavior of nano-objects have a decisive influence quantum effects, making these processes are probabilistic. In fact, the case in question only on the development of complex, designed to perform certain functions in certain criteria macromolecules.

A huge number of such molecules, united in conglomerates may act medium storage and processing of information. Being in the midst of other molecular and atomic systems, they are able to act as modifiers and destroyers of these structures.

Meanwhile there is the possibility of creating a qualitatively new weapons systems based on suspensions nanorobots capable of a rather short time to destroy military targets, AMSE and manpower.

Occurrence can not be ruled suspenzioobraznyh processing systems and storage disk imaging that will hold only the highest resistance to various damaging influences.

So makarom resolution listed, a number of other problems of basic and applied science will have in the coming 20 years to develop a qualitatively new types of guns that can have a significant impact on the nature of warfare.

Konstantin Sivkov,
First vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Doctor of Military Sciences

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