Territory in Siberia, a burning, growing

Territory in Siberia, a burning grows Natural Disasters

According to ITAR-TAS, the territory of Siberia, a burning, increased by 3 times a day from 24 to 25 April. 29 fires occurred on the 3075 acres of land. Dissemination of 12 fires had been suspended. However, in the vast area 2201 hectares raging raging fires. 7 fires recorded in the Novosibirsk region, one in the Republic of Tuva. Daily data is received about 200 fires in Russia. In 2009, the government fined a man for 19.6 million dollars (581 million rubles), who threw a cigarette caused the fire at the 2,000 hectares.

Strengthening fires in the April run-up to the farmers growing season characteristic of Central Asia. 2012 is no exception. Many fires occur in large areas of agricultural land, the source of which, most likely, are the farmers themselves. Omsk region around one of the most productive agricultural regions of Russia where wheat, rye, barley and oats. Agricultural producers often burn last year's crop residue to clean up the land and enrich the soil.

The authorities of Russia and Kazakhstan prohibit farmers burn crop residues, but each year a huge number of satellites determine agricultural fires. With the help of the data, scientists can tell from forest fires, agricultural, as last extended features bright flame.

Photo: Thousands of hectares in rural areas in the north of Omsk burned, April 24, 2012 when the NASA satellite "Aqua" was the picture. Fields and pastures are shown brown and red marked the most intense fires. In the picture are also seen columns of smoke and burnt areas marked with a darker color.

In one study, performed using spectroradiometer MODIS, scientists calculated distribution of agricultural fires around the world. It was found that 18 to 29% of the fires in Asia are agricultural in nature. The researchers also found that Russia accounts for 31 to 36% of all agricultural fires in the world — more than in any other country.

Starting from agricultural fires can easily become a forest in Siberia. In Omsk, forests cover 30% of the area, so the fires are a major threat to the population.

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