Thailand: Phuket washed ashore dead body of a giant turtle


Phuket, March 05 (New Region, Vasilisa Egorova) — On the island of Phuket close to the pier in Phuket City found dead giant leatherback turtles.

Dead reptile weighing 196 kilograms and a length of more than five feet found the villagers near the pier Seedlings — Tourists on ferries depart to the popular island of Phi Phi.

The corpse of the animal took the Phuket Marine Biological experts center to an autopsy, wrote "FederalPress."

During the procedure of opening biologists removed from the stomach of a turtle six plastic bags, rubber bands, fishing hooks and other debris. Packages being scored digestive system so that it could not digest food.

Chief veterinarian Dr. Pacharaporn center suggests that allowed bags for jellyfish. The doctor was very saddened by the death of such a strong and beautiful reptile. "We all should be ashamed of the fact that we keep the sea in such a deplorable state," — said the scientist.

Males and females of the giant leatherback turtles once vodivshihsya in these places are abundant, can now be rarely seen in Phuket.

Director of the Phuket Marine Biological Center Nonkiat Kittivattanavon says that whales and dolphins are killed too, swallowing the garbage.

The other day as scientists have caught a 4-meter long whale shark, which is entangled in the nets of fishing trawlers. The fish was still alive, but scientists could not save her — she died the next day.

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