The American lost in the black hole under his own house

March 1, 2013. 36-year-old inhabitant Florida went missing after his plot collapsed ground, his bedroom was at the epicenter of the funnel.

The incident occurred in the city of Brandon. A man unsuccessfully tried to save his brother. According to security officials, as soon as a movement of the soil, the brother rushed to the rescue of accident and tried to keep him from falling into the pit, but to do so he failed. Relatives of the victims of the rescuers who arrived at the last moment was dragged from the edge of the cliff.

The collapse of the soil continued. By the evening of the pit area reached 100 feet (30 + meters). Residents of nearby houses were evacuated immediately. The fate of the missing men is still unknown.

Source: RT


Land Jeff opened up under the house Bush: Americans continue to look for

March 2, 2013. American rescue workers search for Jeff Bush — A resident of the town of Brandon, Florida. It is under the house Bush On Thursday night, literally split land, and it pulled into the cracks, reports "Russia 24". In the house at the time were still five people — relatives of the Americans, they managed to escape.

The master of the house, according to witnesses, went underground along with his entire bedroom. Width of the funnel — 6 meters, depth — about the same. Rescuers say that with each passing hour it just expands, and this makes it difficult to rescue. Such failures of the soil in Florida happen often — there are many underground caves, which blurs the water, because of what sags ground.

Source: Lead

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