«The beast from the depths»: the foreign press on the submarine «Severodvinsk»

December 30 last year, representatives of the Ministry of Defence signed an acceptance certificate for multipurpose nuclear submarine K-560 «Severodvinsk». Submarine Project 885 «Ash» in the next few months will be put into trial operation, and only after that will be a real combat unit of the Navy. In recent years, should be eliminated prepyadstviya available, then the submarine will be able to do tasks assigned to it.
Started trial operation of the head of the submarine Project 885 is a circuit in the context of news updates Russian Navy. In addition, such actions simply could not attract the attention of foreign experts and the media. So, this past Sunday, the English edition of The Sunday Times published an article titled West fears the Beast from Beneath («West fears a creature from the depths»), dedicated to the latest Russian submarine.
First British journalists noted that commissioning parent nuclear submarine project is a new cause for concern. New submarine project «Ash» may become severe threat to naval forces of the U.S. and other advanced countries. While the Russian Navy submarine took only the head of the project, but the Russian military department wants to build a total eight similar difficulties missile submarines.

The creators of The Sunday Times Publishing smuschyayutsya not bold statements and write that submarine «Severodvinsk» will allow the Russian submarine fleet to overtake zabugornye. With all of this, but estimates the latest features and capabilities of the submarine made on the basis of available disk imaging. British journalists cite the words of the source in the intelligence services, according to which zabugornye countries do not have half the required disk imaging on the latest Russian attack submarines.

At the same time, the facts known to them some concern. Low noise of the submarine K-329 (for some reason, such a designation is used specifically in the article West fears the Beast from Beneath) «Severodvinsk» makes it unobtrusive to existing means of detection and enables inconspicuously go to the area. Transported arsenal, consisting of 24 long-range cruise missiles «Granat» warhead with a capacity of 200 kt, other types of missiles, torpedoes and mines, submarines completes recognizable form and is an additional reason for excitement.

According to the English edition, the submarine «Severodvinsk» greatest length 390 feet (about 119 meters) is equipped with a nuclear reactor, which provides it with the highest driving properties. Most underwater speed is estimated at 30-35 knots, which will allow the submarine thwart attacks using certain types of anti-gun. Properties of strong housing sufficient to dive to a depth of 2,000 feet (600 meters).

Totality of recognizable features of the submarine «Severodvinsk» has become an occasion for fascinating comparisons. New Russian submarine missile submarine compared with T. Clancy’s novel «The Hunt for» reddish October. ‘» Recall submarine book surpassed all the ships own class for a number of features that, in the midst of the rest, has become one of the foundations of the story books and shot on her movie.

Intelligence source referenced by the creators of the film West fears the Beast from Beneath, also noted that the situation is more reminiscent segodnyaschy arms race. Thus now is the essence of the race early disclosure of secrets opponent. Nedavneshnego time before the U.S. felt that their very best subs and sverhtehnologichny in the world, but the latest Russian development can refute this worldview.

British journalists shared worldview publication creators Russia Develops High-Tech ‘Beast From Beneath’ Submarine («Russia has developed sverhtehnologichny submarine,» a creature from the depths «») in the South American edition of the International Business Times. In addition, South American edition quoted writer and special on submarine fleet I. Ballantyne. He notes that the underwater nuclear fleet has always been the most elite and prestigious part of the Russian armed forces. Large cash infusion into the construction of new nuclear submarines absolutely corresponds to the idea.

Ballantyne also raised the political side of the adoption system in the submarine «Severodvinsk». He recalled that Russian control does not hide its intentions regarding the development of the Navy. The result of this development is to become the most powerful navy, allowing RF solve puzzles global nature. For this reason, the submarine project «Ash» is a new cause for concern American and British commanders.

As we see, some media of the United States and Britain are inclined to accept the latest Russian submarine as a potential danger of the interests of their states. It seems that journalists from The Sunday Times and the International Business Times, also experts at advise them remember about the risks associated with the underestimation of the potential enemy. In addition, the findings of the two publications affected disk imaging flaw: most of the information about the project 885 «Ash» to this day remains hidden and zabugornye spetsy not have the ability to become familiar with it and draw conclusions. As for open data, they allow you to build the wildest guesses.

It should be noted in the press there are different zabugornoy comments related to the latest Russian multipurpose nuclear submarines. Different editions of praise as «Severodvinsk» and call it a bad project in advance. With all this almost nobody argues with a natural fact: building multipurpose nuclear submarines of Project 885 «Ash», the first of which was the K-560 «Severodvinsk», in the near future will allow the state to do better in the Russian Navy and quantitative high-quality relation.

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