The cause of the catastrophe module Beagle-2 could be a UFO




European scientists analyzed the photos module Beagle-2, made at the time of his separation from the station Mars-Express, say to the module is seen Unidentified Flying Object.

The mysterious "point" in the photo has already become the subject of close study. Scientists do not exclude the possibility that it could cause a UFO crash of the European module, reports

The cause of the disaster could also be a module and an error in the calculations. At the meeting in London, discussed the hypothesis that the Beagle-2 crashed on the surface of Mars because the atmosphere was more depleted than expected.

The photographs of the crash site of the module see four bright spots (scientists call them "string of pearls"), which, according to scientists may be fragments of Beagle-2. Among other versions of the death of the module — impact of a meteorite and banal bad luck.

Catastrophe module provoked impact of a meteorite

One of the causes of death of the European scientific apparatus Beagle-2 could be hit by a meteorite during the nearly seven-month flight to Mars.

This opinion is shared by a leading expert of the European Space Agency Walter Fluri. He drew attention to the fact that the Beagle-2 was attached to the outer surface of the automatic station Mars Express, which took him to the "red planet".

Fluri believes that the slightest damage to the lander's heat-shield as a result of a meteorite impact could be disastrous, as it happened with the American space shuttle Columbia.

When you enter the dense layers of the atmosphere of Mars fiery gases to 1200 degrees could penetrate through the crack into the machine and destroy it. The scientist did not rule out the main parachute or air cushions, shock absorbers, which should soften the impact of the module on the surface of Mars.

The monstrous bad luck

Previously, it was suggested that the Beagle-2 during landing landed in the Martian crater depth of 100 meters.

"This is a fantastic luck" — the scientists say. The estimated area of the landing apparatus was equal dimensions: 70×10 kilometers, but he managed to get to the crater diameter of 1 kilometer.

That is the conclusion scientists came after seeing pictures of the increased landing pad machine. The pictures were taken U.S. spacecraft Mars Global Surveyor, orbiting the Red Planet.

Scientists recognize that the existence of the crater they learned only after there failed Beagle-2.

Officially dead Beagle-2 was announced on February 11

Beagle-2 was officially declared "dead" on February 11. The European Space Agency (ESA) has officially announced a lost science module Beagle-2 and stopped searching for him on the surface of Mars.

All attempts to establish communication with the scientific apparatus, located on the surface of Mars from December 25, 2003, without success. The last one was made on February 3, when the European station Mars-Express and American vehicle "Odyssey", located on the low Mars orbit, flying over the area of intended landing Beagle-2.

ESA announced an investigation into the causes of loss of the probe value of 65 million euros in order to exclude them from future expeditions to Mars.

The main objective of Beagle-2 was to find on the surface of the Red Planet traces of biological life.


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