The central part of. Java damaged by a landslide

February 7, 2013. The landslide, which emerged after prolonged rains in the central area of. Java, one person was killed and five others are temporarily in the list of missing persons. Landslide Plompong occurred, located in Brebes. According to preliminary data, the disaster victims caught directly in the field where they had been working to care for the crops. Two of the victims were found seriously injured.

In the search for five missing sent rescue teams, however, their work has been suspended due to the perceived danger to themselves and rescuers at nightfall. Therefore likely to under mud reserves the villagers almost gone.

Meanwhile, heavy rains did not want to leave Brebes, as now in the middle of the rainy season in Indonesia. This greatly increases the risk of new landslides and floods, which predict where the output is not possible. About a month ago in the capital of Jakarta in the floods killed more than 30 people and tens of thousands of residents were forced to evacuate from their flooded homes.


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