The coastline of Azov destroyed shifts soil. Video

Karst holes

11.04.12.Zhiteli Open daily settlement risk of losing their homes. For half a century, so disappeared 3 streets. According to old-timers, in their memory the sea swept more than 150 meters of land. Just this spring in the sea to hit 10 meters of gardens. The beds for people's homes.

The problem of destruction of the Azov coast detail nobody has say in local government. The last time geologists conducted research here 7 years ago.

Loss settlement — in government project of social programs to strengthen banks, designed to 2016 year. But the local Commission concluded that the residents of this coastal village not wait.

For residents of the damaged area, local authorities have already found two acres of free land, but independently with the construction of new homes they can not cope, need government assistance.

Source:News channel "24"

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