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The captain of the first rank in retirement Buzinov Alexander — a former head of kosmoastroprognozov secret laboratory at the Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence — now heads the Center for research support. A few years ago, he had already figured out that the new president will choose ahead of Putin to the minute predicted the assassination attempt on General Romanov in Chechnya and the death of the ferry "Estonia" scandal "NTV" and the events of September 11 in the United States. And a number of natural disasters and man-made disasters and other emergencies. Not long ago, an unusual division of astrologers received state accreditation. Who performs forecasts commissioned by various government agencies.

Older people will remember with some distrust and skepticism at first perceived weather forecasts. At first, scientists predictors of the situation in the office of heaven often embarrassing blunders allowed. They promised the next day cloudless sunny weather, and in fact the whole day incessantly pouring rain. Needless to say, that after decades of technical possibilities of Meteorology and accordingly the reliability of predictions have increased significantly. Now there is probably a person who would not catch at least half an ear assurances forecasters.

Alexander Buzinov hopes that someday, and to forecast natural disasters, man-made disasters, performed by the developed by him and his colleagues, the method will be widely listened to. And most important, as they say, to take the appropriate measures. Which actually from ancient times to make any predictions.

Buzinov sure that fate, one way or another, led him to the main business of life. Pieces of the puzzle up gradually: Higher Naval School of Electronics named Popov instilled in him a scientific turn of mind and a love of numbers; service in Angola — met with the officer, addicted to astrology, and refusal to continue a career in the North and moving to St. Petersburg — has provided free time for attending lectures at the Academy of Astrology.

So Alexander led kosmoprognozov special laboratory at the Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence. In April 1994, hanging on a wall map, he invited the leadership of the Institute and spoke about the possibility of emergency situations, predicting an explosion of stores in Vladivostok, the clash of submarines, care of our troops from Yemen. When the predictions were to come true, he felt that "things have gone."

However, before we get to the regular customers of the Ministry of Defence General Staff, St. Petersburg astrologers in uniform stood the rigorous test. Within a few years working in the words of the former head of the laboratory of Alexander Buzinova, "a basket" — proving the viability of his method to fellow soldiers. In the control test checks were asked to indicate all the classified accident that took place in past years. Astrologers to whom the data were not known, all calculated with great precision — and the time and place. Come up with a bigger task pilots. Dubbed the ten pilots and ten aircraft. For the purity of the experiment and the people and the cars went under the conventional numbers. From Buzinova and his team needed to look to the past and to determine which of the pilots and aircraft which fall into the Incidents. Identified. The pilot and the machine coincided with the date and missed — only four days. The Research Institute of the Air Force ordered a forecast of accidents per month in advance. And what happened? Buzinov have adverse fifteen days, but in reality only happened ten.

Actually astrological forecast is often used in the global military practice. For example, in Japan and the U.S. is trying to prevent the pilot to fly on days that do not favor it. Alexander Buzinov claims that his group has stepped far beyond the Americans and the Japanese. Finding the link between the accident and the "star" the destiny of man, of course, correct. But not enough.

— In any accident, says scientist — certainly three unfavorable terms: people, facilities and location. The rhythms of life are determined by factors cosmophysical his birth — solar activity, lunar and solar-lunar cycle, the motion of Saturn, the angular dependence of Saturn and Pluto, and many other things. The same — with technology, engineering facilities. If the pilot period, negative if the aircraft critical period, and if in this time interval over the region COSMOPHYSICAL unfavorable situation, the probability of an accident is close to one hundred percent.

Based on the results of five years of the team in the lab kosmoastroprognozov Buzinov defended his thesis entitled "Method for predicting accidents on the basis of ritmozadayuschih cosmic factors." Method Buzinova Russian Academy of Science approved. Because no mysticism in it, but there is full compliance with the ideas of Vernadsky and Chizhevskogo and contemporary theories in the study of cosmic rhythms on everything that happens on Earth.

What is in understanding Buzinova Astrocartography? Imagine the Mission Control Center and a large rectangular screen with a map of the Earth. On the screen — the line, the trajectory of satellites, space stations and space ships. The same imaginary "traces" left by the solar system planets, the Moon, comets and other celestial bodies. The lines form a network with nodes, and it is in these sites, and all kinds of disasters happen and disasters.

Because the laws by which the planets move, known in advance, "net" can be calculated for each time both backwards and forwards. In the past all elementary. At these nodes fall submarine "Komsomolets", the catastrophe of two trains in Udmurtia, burnt due to leakage and explosion of gas, etc. When asked to identify the group Buzinova coordinates of all secret from incidents in the Navy in the past, Astrocartography not made a single mistake.

With the future more difficult: you have to understand the meaning of what a "line", which sort of life is detrimental. Having one of the first "planetary" forecasts "knot" in the Baltic Sea, elder and his staff thought, "So what?" A month later, with a little at this point sunk ferry "Estonia". If I know that through this node is a highway Shipping.

Such developments in ACG, according, Buzinova, conducted in the U.S. alone. The "Magnet" was launched in 1964, but three years later it was classified.

It is also important to know the smallest details of a person's life and art. If all is then combined with the feature where at this time will be both projections can be obtained with 90 percent confidence. That's why in their forecasts Buzinova group uses so-called ritmozadayuschie factors. That is, predicts the complex influences of man, technology and the region to the possibility of any emergency situations.

— Suppose you want to build astrokartografichesky schedule for the submarine, — says the elder. — What do we need? Some events that happened to her, and perhaps etched in the universal information space. For example, when it is incorporated, it was with this boat to lift the flag before its descent to the water — because the construction is kind of a problem, which in the future can be fatal.

Here, for example, the victim of "Komsomolets" went down to the water more than one or two hours as is usually the case. He went down for much longer — tangled rope. And this detail is very important for our data, because we reduce the system with the story. We take these data, we study all the loops and superimpose one on the other.

This is — the study of the ship and the commander, and even better — each member of the crew. For us it is important to all — demographic data, statistical data, data from official forms. Then these numbers we project into the future. (By the way it is at this stage there is an intuitive definition of the possible nature of subsequent events).

For example in the study of one of the units (the ship without addressing the crew and commander) found that in 2005 it is projected to a critical threshold, similar to the "Kursk". In 2005, he will be one, but in 2006 — there may be several. We decided for reasons of clarity, "seconded" to this imaginary submarine commander. It turns out that if we consider the position "commander-loser," that emergency on board the submarine will begin in 2004. That is, human and technical systems can and should be combined. "

— Alexander goes, the statistical reliability of your forecasts, confirms rather pessimistic postulate that we are hostages of the cosmos, and everything is already predetermined?

— People can go through life in a very wide corridor and our thoughts and actions create your reality. (Another thing that you can not safely go beyond the corridor). Due to the change of lifestyle, a change of circumstances, behavior, you can change many things in his life. Some time ago, in the casualty department of one of the city hospitals we opened our office — to help pick up time for the planned operations. The surgeons said that the technique works. A patient know in advance about the possible operation may have tried to take in order to not have to do it.

However, since Cassandra's knowledge of the future means little. Need to get people into whose possession the information comes, were able to make a decision. Since this is difficult — especially in Russia. After the tragedy of the "Kursk" employees of Alexander Buzinova just for fun "raised" own work, which at the time did for Russian submarines. Among others in the list and was the "Kursk". And it turned out that specifically "Kursk" entry to the area in the Barents Sea, where the accident occurred was "booked". Here are just making this prediction is not named the boat, and on its serial number. Which, of course, is not a secret for people planning exercises and military campaigns.

— How are your forecasts state structures?

— Very well done Minatom. When the researchers looked at their job situation at all nuclear power plants, and warned of the possible danger to one of them, at this station was scheduled for this time of teaching. The fact that the missile launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in recent years are successful, too, has the merit of Buzinova.

Thus now develop your favorite science Alexander Sergeyevich once. You need to earn a living, and to further advance the ACG requires powerful computers, precision electronic cards, and more, on the lack of money. But among the business people there is a demand for personal horoscopes and predictions of socio-economic and political situation.

-And do you imagine the fate predict?

— Spread out the sky card for yourself and loved ones are not very successful. For me, the staff make predictions. There are no parts that are designated only favorable characteristics (time and place) for important meetings, negotiations and meetings. Adverse date for a business trip. Forewarned — forearmed. And if sometimes some events can not be avoided, it is possible to reduce the game with Providence at least a draw.

Diana Ross

On the face of impossible 3 (334), 2004

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