The consequences of a storm with hail in Uganda

The consequences of a storm with hail Natural disasters in Uganda

A number of African families were left without a crop after hail storm swept through the area along Lake Albert in Uganda. The storm had a huge effect before which could not resist wobbly hut residents, located on the shore. They killed seven people. Those who survived are in search of shelter. Temporarily organized for them on the site of the tent cabins.

Except on the coast. Albert from hail storm hit the area Ngosa, where more than 30 huts wrecked in just one hour continuing hail. The damage is done Kiabasambu territories, and Nzunzu Sendzhodzho. Under pressure from his damaged building more hospitals and churches. As the local fishermen after the storm, they lost 26 boats with which to earn a living.
Was damaged banana crops and grains, which raises the question about the ability of local residents to get enough food necessities. After all, even damaged plantations minor crops such as cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, etc. to prevent a state of emergency, the region will need help from other areas of Uganda or abroad.

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