The crisis of 40 years, the model of conduct of men


The path of man to 40 years depends on the motivational orientation. In total there are 4 basic behaviors that men use when the crisis of the fortieth anniversary.

Implemented man passes crisis 40 years of almost unnoticed, as most of his needs and desires are embodied in life.

Psevdorazvity man externally to cope with their problems and pretend that everything that happens it meets, or at least under his control. In fact, he feels that he has lost direction at a standstill, or that he was sick of all.

The man is confused. It seems to him that his whole world collapses. On the one hand, he is unable to comply with its requirements, and on the other — His own needs and unmet. For some men, this crisis may be a temporary period of failures, but for others — be the beginning of a continuous fall.

Destitute fate. Such man was unhappy or reject others for most of his life. Usually, it is unable to cope with its crisis problems.

It is believed that society forces men to follow a uniform pattern of success and masculinity, most men do try to meet him. A number of problems in men having a mid-life just because they are trying to come to terms with the idea that they do not meet this standard, or because they are forced to give up many of their own desires, trying to achieve compliance with it.

The successful achievement of maturity at the age of 40-45 years requires considerable "emotional flexibility" — the ability to change the emotional investment in the relationship with different people and different activities. Emotional flexibility is needed at any age, but during the fortieth anniversary of when parents die and grow up and leave home children, it is especially necessary.

Another, also a very necessary kind of flexibility — so if I may say so, the spiritual flexibility. Among middle-aged people tend to "harden" in attitudes and actions, in addition to making their minds closed to new ideas. This mental closeness desirable to overcome, otherwise it will turn into intolerance and bigotry. In addition, tight fitting lead to mistakes and failure to take creative problem solving.

The successful resolution of the crisis of the fortieth anniversary usually includes a reformulation of ideas in a more realistic and restrained terms, as well as awareness of the limited time of everyone's life. Family, friends and children to acquire the men are of great value, while his own "I" is increasingly deprived of the exclusive position. The increasingly growing trend satisfied that there is less to think about things that will probably never be able to achieve.


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