The death of birds in Bukovina


One has only assume why animals die. TV channel "Inter"

19.12.11.V Chernivtsi region in the forests of an unknown disease killed rabbits, according to media Bucovina.

According to the Chairman of the Regional Council of Chernivtsi Ukrainian Hunting and Fishing George Rudyagi, hunters are in the woods dead birds, the corpses are not visible signs of violent death. "One has only speculate why the animals are dying," — he said.

Hunters believe that birds kill some unknown cleft disease, or they are poisoned with chemicals, that people treated with agricultural plants.

Rudyaga noted that the cause of death of birds must determine veterinary examination. "We have already sent to a veterinary laboratory rabbit corpse, which was found in the woods in Storozhynets area," — he added.


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