The death of river dwellers in the Lipetsk region


18.07.11.V Lipetsk region for some reason there was a mass death of river dwellers.
Since the end of last week on the water Matyra in mud and float downstream surfaced shells washed ashore pink calf shellfish. Most shells surfaced in the backwater near the former village of mud. On Friday, July 15 at River visited specialists of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Lipetsk region and the territorial Department of Rosprirodnadzor.

As reported in GOROD48 Rosprirodnadzor, water from the river, as well as live and dead clams had already recovered for laboratory research. As assured in Rosprirodnadzor, the environmental disaster of speech does not go: rapid analysis of the water showed that the water in Matyre normal, clean the surface of the reservoir. Perhaps the reason for the death of river inhabitants became too high water temperature. But the final causes of the accident have not been established — the final analysis will be ready in 5 days.

In The Dirt was driving and veterinary officer. Told GOROD48 Deputy Head of Veterinary Lipetsk region — head of the state veterinary Sergei Stukalin, concerns for the state of water in Matyre were premature, because the fish and plankton in the river is not dead, only the shells. Veterinary Administration of the Lipetsk region have sought advice from colleagues in Voronezh — a few years ago there was a massive Zamor molluscs in Voronezh on the Don River.

— We believe that the cause of death could not be a shell industrial discharges

— Not a single large industrial plant in the backwater of the river Matyra where the death occurred shellfish, no, — said Sergey Stukalin. — But the final conclusions will be made in a few days when they are ready the results of laboratory analysis of water and shellfish.



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