The death of the Jewish Autonomous Region of geese


14.06.12.Spetsialistami State Veterinary Service of the Jewish Autonomous Region selected and sent to the Khabarovsk and Primorye Reference Center Interregional Veterinary Laboratory pathological material from dead wild geese flew from the adjacent territory.

Research carried out by coastal experts, showed that avian influenza virus is excluded. Khabarovsk Reference Center established the death of migratory birds from pesticides applied to corn seed treatment, reports DW-ROSS referring to the press service of the government of the Jewish Autonomous Region.

Autonomy continues vaccination of animals against diseases.
Specialists of the State Veterinary Service under the plan anti-epizootic measures for 2012 have successfully coped with a five-month mission. As reported by the Veterinary Department of the Government of the Jewish Autonomous Region, on time and in full, and the diagnostic study of animals for brucellosis, leucosis, tuberculosis in the field of the social economy. Similar work is going on in the field of public private farmsteads. It turns out medical help pet belonging residents autonomy.

At present, the areas of the region continues rabies vaccination of dogs and cats, vaccination of pigs against classical swine erysipelas and the peasant (farm), as well as vaccination of young cattle against FMD.

Source:  Online edition of the "DV-ROSS"

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