The district and UFOs




"Volhov", 01.10.2003, Novgorod, n40

Author: Tatiana Gorin

— In the existence of flying saucers and other unidentified objects I never believed — says a former policeman Valery. — Once in the bath one friend told the story of how he was attacked by a UFO.

He was walking home at night and I could see how it moves directly to the big ball of light. Legs, allegedly refused to flee, but somehow he got to the house and went up to the 4th floor, where it was flat. But then something stung him, and he, not knowing how to, once again found himself on the 3rd. And so it was repeated several times until he rang the doorbell of one apartment on the 3rd floor and did not say that it is bad. On the leg, from the hip to the foot, it burns a lot the size of a copper coin. Above it all laughed, including me.

But here I had an incident that I will never forget. I was returning from service in the village. Sour (Novgorod district. Prim.M.T.). Parked under guard and went home. It was about 12 o'clock at night. All of a sudden my one friend, Victor Polushkin. "I said, with his wife divorced, sick, let's go have a drink." We went to his house, drank a little, ate, sat, and I was home packing. Victor offered to accompany bored he was at home, and mood, despite drinks, lousy. With his wife divorced after all. Go down the street, talking. While about half past two nights. Suddenly look — bright ball in the sky. "Luna what," — says Victor. "Yes, it's not the moon, not the moon, — explained to him. — Moon won, the other side. This is a UFO." He then waved his hands and, fooling around, he shouted, "Hey, guys, flies, what are you afraid". The ball was going down and increase in size. And then the sides issued an orange-red rays. I remembered how once read in a magazine that when dealing with UFOs pilots have irradiated and then blind. Nearby stood a ZIL-130. I think, though he'll hide behind POLUSHKIN and shouted: "Victor, let's for the car will be picked up after all, take away".

How was at home, I do not remember if the memory was paralyzed. I woke up in my bed. Then we Vitka long remembered seeing.

— It seemed to me that, given the world I could clearly see the women's faces, and he — the cross. And remember back — there was an incredible silence, I remember thinking then: why so quiet? Local residents after this night also told that in the area of Sour saw a UFO — a woman at the bus stop, employees of state inspection.

His name Valery hesitate to call, a representative of the authorities yet, though the former, but, as he claims to be, it would.
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