The drying up of the Dead Sea has accelerated


4.12.12.Mertvoe Sea continues to shrink. The water level in this unique body of water fell in November by another 11 centimeters, said on Tuesday, December 4, the radio station "Kol Yisrael".

The drying of the Dead Sea is gradually increasing, and this year, lowering the water level by 40 cm higher than the average of ten years ago.

Recall, after construction of new dams in Jordan and Syria almost completely stopped for Yarmuh River, a major tributary of Jordan in the area between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. As a result, last year the water level of the Dead Sea has fallen by 1.5 meters.

Earlier, the government decided on splitting salt accumulated on the bottom of the southern part of the Dead Sea. Also carried out some preliminary work for the construction of a pipeline from the Red Sea.

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