The epidemic of anthrax among livestock in Afghanistan


Photo: EPA

26.07.11.Na northern Afghanistan and enterotoksimii outbreak of anthrax among cattle and small livestock. On Tuesday news agency reported "Pazhvak."

Over the past two weeks alone, the district of the northern province of Badakhshan Zibak from these dangerous diseases fell more than 600 head of cattle. The epidemic is also covered counties Kufab, Cowan and Rajasthan, killing hundreds of cows and sheep.

Local control of the Ministry of Agriculture has sent teams to the affected regions veterinarians, but they could not do the job due to lack of drugs. According to provincial authorities, they asked for help in the representation of the Aga Khan Foundation (Islamic leader), the Association of Veterinary Medicine Netherlands, as well as the central Kabul government.

So far, cases of human infection with anthrax in Badakhshan, which borders Tajikistan, were not detected, according to RIA Novosti.


Source: Voice of Russia

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