The floods in Ghana killed five people


PRETORIA, July 25. / ITAR-TASS /. The floods in the West African Ghana killed five people, about one hundred thousand residents were evacuated.

On this day the official said emergency services. The flood hit the eastern region of the state, where the cocoa plantations and factories for processing. About 10 percent of the total amount of cocoa produced in the country, it is necessary on this area of the country.

Flooded with a large number of houses, farms and destroyed large sections of highways. Several hundred people from the most heavily impacted area Atiwa were evacuated after the river burst its banks and destroyed the coastal structures, said Ransford Bock, head of the local services of the National Committee for Emergency Situations. "About a hundred thousand people have been evacuated, and the situation is deteriorating," — he said.

The rainy season in Ghana, which lasts from June to August, often leads to devastating floods. In the past year due to floods near the capital Accra killed 24 people.



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