The funnel nearly swallowed another house in the U.S.

March 14, 2013. In the morning on Sunday, when a resident of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Doris Jenkins went walking his dog, the earth literally opened up under her feet, and instead of the driveway formed karst funnel. Subsequently, the size of the funnel widened to 12 meters.

Fortunately, the woman, her daughter and granddaughter managed to escape death and injury. Suffered only their home — Cracks in the foundation, and the roof was damaged, writes online newspaper "The Huffington Post".

At present, family Jenkins forced live from relatives, as in the home is dangerous. In addition, the police warned neighbors Jenkins, living in the house opposite, which may also require evacuation.

The cause of the funnel is installed. It is possible that the reason — the work of repairing sewer pipes, which were conducted in the region over the past week.

In late February Kastrov funnel, produced under an apartment building in Florida, swallowed life landlord — Jeff Bush. These craters are the result of run-off water or soil bedrock, and often of both.

Source: News Gismeteo

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