The ground water level was rising in England

The ground water level was rising in England Facts

Bans on the use of water continue to operate in some areas of England, despite the fact that the ground water level began to rise. Experts believe it will take much more time to get rid of the drought.

According to the latest drought continues in the south-east of England. Heavy rain failed to quickly restore water balance, causing local flooding. River level has stabilized, and in some places are already higher than normal, dry soil moist, and the reservoir is filling with water. This is due to an excess of heavy rains in the region of drought.
According to experts, also recorded increased level of groundwater in aquifers of limestone and chalk. However, as reported by the Agency for Environmental Protection, 11 the observed level of the ground water table is still kept at a low level. To stabilize the condition caused by two very dry winters, need continuous rainfall. While farmers and gardeners to become much easier for the public rains have not brought the expected changes.

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