The hunt for recruits

The hunt for recruitsRecently time are increasingly becoming heard word that the number of applicants to own duty to the Motherland as compulsory military service among young people inexorably reduced. As it were, and reduced service life of up to a year and increment financing of the army, and almost part of the manned with contract, which, according to representatives of the Ministry of Defence must teach wits dopey recruits, and those still in the army do not fetch. Someone acquires a "fake" certificate of unfitness for military self, starts dating someone in the middle of the recruiting committee members, addressing issues of common "summer house on the paw." Someone just hiding in the spaces of our vast country until such time as he did not happen to mention the 28th day of birth.

In this regard, Russian military conscription is often converted into true detective agencies to try to fulfill the plan draft. And so what tricks just do not go the military commissariat officers, that practically lure Man placed in the network. All this is more like a real hunt for heads of future recruits.

Make out some examples of how this is happening hunting. As early as the time the old man said Darwin, evolution is at least some kind, not only in his heredity, and variation in, to confront their enemies. This evolutionary law works now and in the recruiting system of Russian Federation. According to him, some seek out a method to hide from the eyes of "predators in uniform", while others use more and more new ways to own "hunting."

So, not long ago the media reported that the Russian Defense Ministry plans to finance draft boards with a view to draft boards have used SMS-based delivery. This, according to the Ministry of Defence, will help to increase the number of people willing to serve in the army, because all of that, he says, is related to mobile phones, the device and other technical innovations, attracts young people. One can to imagine themselves as a young man, being in a nightclub, all of a sudden gets text messages with text about the subsequent: "The Citizen Petrov, for you already 18, and is now waiting for you at 6:00 in the District Military Commissariat of the town of N. Most asked not to be late! "

About the so-called SMS agendas on the Web is currently a serious debate erupted. Opponents of such practices they say that the agenda for the paper inductee even signs and means shall be liable for failure to appear at the designated time on call-up point. SMS You can just wipe and go later establishes that the officers really recruiting office sent out a summons for electrical certain phone number. Critics are, and among young people. They irony they say that the agenda can be sent via the Web site "Classmates", also «Facebook» or "Vkontakte". But this war will have to try to avoid being brought to the blacklist, and even better, that the whole draft board added a "Friend." Yeah! It looks ridiculous … You can even imagine being a group of officers and warrant officers who were sitting in the military and send everyone on the list approved SMS-message by appending smiles with a grin, if connection is made, and the grimace of displeasure, if the subscriber's phone is not always available.

But the idea with SMS — an innovation from the Russian Ministry of Defense. And while it is in its infancy, the military commissariats themselves need to bother about the plan execution. Thus, according to representatives of the CSM (Committee of Soldiers' Mothers), it was found that the draft boards of some Russian regions measured for some reason do dial plan, while others, again, just for some reason can not solve it, and 70%. KSM decided to analyze what all the same thing. Turns out there in the middle of our current military "bright minds" who developed a system of working with "volunteer graduate students," and "volunteer university students." According to this principle, the military office workers by hook or by crook forced to sign the young people studying at universities, the paper that they themselves agree Tipo rid of deferment. When this mother Committee sent note that such signature is often even encouraged by some representatives of universities. Neuzh then recruitment office decided to share with the management of some higher schools awards for excellent call …

On this defense officials say that drafted into the army only to those who not only voluntarily signed befitting paper (about volunteering signing papers in Russia one can compose whole poems), and studied at the universities that are just not accredited. And if there is no accreditation, then the delay is impracticable.

There is also another method of increasing the number recruited into the armed forces. This method can be called traditional Gogol, when it is about the eternal "dead souls." Here the situation is the same as with nedavneshney census, when the 1st and the same inductee into account twice, even three times. With all this he, as paradoxically, can serve as a descent into several parts. In case of check from the military control of the whole legend is that the fighter is on vacation and this time sent home on leave. Surprisingly, but due to total corruption and those numbers are. And if so, it turns out that the size of our army in fact even lower than that appearing in the statistical reports. And this is a threat to the security of the country is flat, like it or not.

In the end, we can say that, as in all times, often the essence of any business in Russia is not limited to getting real results, and to, to concoct a suitable otchetik to manage and receive due prizes. This is a prize for the "active work for the good of the Fatherland."
That read, hunting for recruits is under way, with varying success, but with the prototype positive, as reflected in the paper.

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