The hypothesis about the Bermuda Triangle — twelve black spots

This hypothesis was put forward American scientist J. Sanderson. He suggested that all the mysterious phenomena that occur in the Bermuda Triangle, fully covered by the theory of turbulence with strong magnetic fields.


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Such turbulence, according to this theory, cause a malfunction of the onboard equipment, and are the cause of even a number of anomalies. The Bermuda Triangle just did is one of the places where magnetic fields manifest themselves with the greatest force.

According to this theory, J. Sanderson, on the world map of evenly spaced 12 such anomalous zones. Ten centers are located at 30 ° north and south latitude, the distance between them is 73 ° longitude. Two more area located in the North and South Poles.

One of the hazardous area is located in the Central Sahara. To have survived the legends of local nomadic tribes, which tells about the cursed area of dunes, where people disappear without a trace. Many brave souls have tried to find this mysterious place, but back almost none of them returned. And the few that do come back, went crazy and could not tell anything intelligible about his journey. Scientific studies have shown that in the Central Sahara magnetic compasses do work with deviations, which indicates that there is a breach of the magnetic field.

These anomalous zones applies Bermuda Triangle. But in the ocean there is another area where there are often similar unexplained phenomena — is "The Devil's Sea." It is located between the islands of Ogasawara and Japan. In 1955, the Japanese government recognized this dangerous stretch of sea. Incidentally, the "Devil's Sea" is located on the same latitude as the Bermuda Triangle.

But even if the theory is correct Sanderson and she still does not explain the nature of these mysterious phenomena. What causes eddies of magnetic fields, the scientist does not undertake to explain.

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