The invasion of white butterflies in the regions


Chebarkul residents complain mass invasion boyaryshnitsy


Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Region, May 31 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — In Chebarkul celebrated mass invasion of another dangerous pest: boyaryshnitsy.

As the "New Region" in Chebarkul administration in recent days to the Department of Environment began receiving calls from worried villagers Kuibyshev. People celebrate mass flight of white butterflies. According to them, the insects have appeared not only in the village, but in gardening companies, particularly in the CHT "Medic". It is a butterfly-boyaryshnitse.

As the environmentalists, this phenomenon was not observed in Chebarkul last few years. In 2011, the year was marked around boyaryshnitsy Miass, Zlatoust, Chesmen region and Bashkortostan.

By the way, gardeners Chrysostom in the current year also are alarmed boyaryshnitsa reappeared.

The massive appearance of moth pest caused the warm weather, experts explain. Butterflies do not bring fruit, berries or other horticultural plants any harm. However, they lay eggs, which appear in 10-15 days caterpillars. And those, in turn, feed on the leaves of fruit trees — apples, plums and pears.

Outbreak boyaryshnitsy recorded for three consecutive years, followed by a small "break" period of 6-7 years

"Most of the larvae can cause damage to apple trees. Measures against such pests, such as with the codling moth. This spraying biologics, a decoction of tansy, infusion and decoction of wormwood or thistles. In addition, between the apple trees can be planted tomatoes "- experts recommend chebarulskoy Hall.

Help "New Region":

Boyaryshnitsa has white wings with prominent black veins. One female lays 60 to 100 eggs on the upper side of the leaves. After about 2 weeks of the rooms have a caterpillar. They entwine mulberry leaves thread and devour them from the leaves turn brown and roll up into a tube. Larvae grow slowly and hibernate in trees, in nests, consisting of several strands entwined leaves. Boyaryshnitsa eating plum, pear, apple, apricot, hawthorn, rowan, rose, bird cherry.

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The invasion of white butterflies in Udmurtia

31.05.12.V gardens and orchards Udmurt people watching mass invasion of white butterflies — Boyaryshnitsy. Boyaryshnitsy in large numbers literally stuck to bushes and fruit trees.
For information:
Boyaryshnitsa(Aporia crataegi), butterfly family whiteflies. Wings span is up to 65 mm, white with black veins. Caterpillar up to 45 mm, gray-brown with stripes on the back. Common in temperate and northern part of Eurasia, North America. Damaging fruit trees. Butterflies fly in June, eggs are laid in groups of 30-150 pieces of the leaves.

Caterpillars appear in late summer and skeletonize leaves, winter nests in trees in the spring of them crawl and eat away the kidneys, they eat leaves, buds and flowers. Control measures include the collection and combustion of winter nests, spraying crops with insecticide.

It is hoped that no cause for concern, the fact is that all insects have massive "wave of life", and these butterflies Boyaryshnitsy no exception. Normally, such a peak lasts about two to three years. And now we are seeing just the peak "wave of life" Boyaryshnitsy, mass breeding of this species of insects in Udmurtia.
Forestry Boyaryshnitsa not dangerous, according to experts, because basically butterfly feeds on the leaves of hawthorn and wild cherry, and when the food at all insects are not enough, there is just a mass breeding, then switch to insects cultigens: bushes, fruit trees, and in particular on the raspberries. Dangerous tracks, not the butterfly Boyaryshnitsy.
The invasion of these insects could threaten crops of fruit crops. Combat these pests can try the popular ways to spray the plants with solutions of tobacco, sage or garlic. If you know other effective ways sure to write in the comments to the article.

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White butterflies attacked Bashkiria

28.05.12.Massovoe invasion butterflies boyaryshnits saw in the last days of amateur gardeners and others who went on nature. Butterflies flooded all around, stuck fruit trees and shrubs.

According to the chairman of the Ufa City Union surname Siraeva gardeners, insect could threaten crops of fruit crops. Control pests Fanil Siraev offers folk ways: spray the plants with solutions of garlic, tobacco, or wormwood.

The Center for Forest Protection RB sure: no cause for concern. "All mass insects have a so-called" wave of life, "- said the director of the Center Andrew peasants — and butterflies are no exception. It was time when there is a mass breeding of the insect species. Typically, such a peak lasts two to three years. " Of the expert, Forestry boyaryshnitsa not dangerous butterfly feeds on the leaves of hawthorn and wild cherry. In a mass breeding when power to all insects are missing, boyaryshnitsa can switch to a cultural fruit trees and shrubs, particularly raspberries. And the danger not the butterflies and caterpillars.

According to Andrew Krestyanova, biological control measures garden vreditelnits not apply. Boyaryshnitsy usually settle on bird cherry trees in flood plains, and in these places, disinfection is prohibited.


Invasion of butterflies in Tatarstan

28.05.12.Opasnost for gardeners and good for the birds. To our office has received a few calls. Chelnintsy reported the appearance of the city and the surrounding area a huge number of white butterflies. Reaction very different — with delight, they say, such a beauty not seen for a long time, until the concerns — Harvest gardens threatened winged landing.

Since boyaryshnitsy emerged from pupae, it took only two or three days. But after a couple of days butterflies begin to multiply. One female can defer up to five hundred eggs. Specialists in this year so watch them bloom. Winged insects was 10 times greater. But to worry about, they do not see.


I think I butterflies are not harmful. Why should they be harmful, but only certain types probably are here to prevent cottages grow.

— Many butterflies, but I'm not worrying. I do not know from which so many of them.

-Such white, different colors, very beautiful.

Beautiful butterfly is actually harmless. And life for them is short — a maximum of 2 weeks. Threatening are caterpillars that will soon come out of the eggs.

Vladimir Tovma — Director of Children's ecological and biological center number 4: "The caterpillars, which in large kolichestive will be observed in our fruit trees — apple, pear, hawthorn, they can certainly cause a lot of trouble to gardeners. But even more opsanost I believe that these larvae then go into the winter and next spring it will be polchasche small caterpillars will eat the buds and young leaves.

By the logic of getting rid of boyaryshnits need before they will postpone eggs. If time is lost — it's time to prepare disinfection measures against caterpillars. But these insects, it turns out, there are pluses. They feed on songbirds. For them it is a good supply of food.

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In the town of Perm Kueda flew thousands of butterflies boyaryshnits

31.05.12.Permsky Kueda village a few days experiencing the invasion of white butterflies. Instead, they are reminiscent of cabbage, but they have no black dots. Experts tend to believe that this butterfly boyaryshnitsy.

Thousands of butterflies are seen as in Bashkortostan, Altai and Kazakhstan. Insects emerged from early warm weather. Laboratory studies in Kazakhstan showed that immature and butterflies can not lay eggs — so harmless for gardeners.

However it is necessary to take additional measures to protect the trees of cherry. To avoid damage, the gardens should be treated accordingly.

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Invasion of butterflies in Miass — joy and disappointment

1.06.12.Tysyachi butterflies flooded the streets Miass. Surprising and even a bit frightening phenomenon — white butterflies, like snow, stuck flowering plants, water, road signs and puddles. Suffer from such an invasion of our gardeners and motorists.

Where did this attack? It turns out that this year's abnormally warm weather contributed to earlier appearance of lepidopteran pests. Thousands of butterflies boyaryshnits flooded not only the Chelyabinsk region, but also the neighboring regions. These moths feed on the leaves of fruit trees — apple, hawthorn, cherry, cherry and many others, so from the invasion of butterflies most gardeners are now suffering. At the same time, this year boyaryshnitsy appeared almost a month earlier than usual — at the end of May, although traditionally they invasions happen a month later. The reason — the warm spring weather. Recall, in April of this year, the thermometer rose to considerable elevations, beating temperature records. As noted in the regional meteorological center, the weather at the end of April and May the temperature values are more in line with the middle of June. As the experts, this is what prompted the earlier invasion boyaryshnits, which were unprepared for some gardeners — caterpillars eat only the blooming buds and young leaves of the trees. In Rosselkhoznadzor in this situation are advised to use insecticides, as well as the fall, after the fall of the leaves to collect and burn the nest boyaryshnitsy, which are clearly visible at this time of year.

Some inconvenience in connection with the invasion boyaryshnits experience and motorists, especially those who go on trips between cities. Hundreds of butterflies on the boiled broken windshield, moving at high speed, the car. Naturally have to constantly stop and wash the glass.

Well, if for some, the invasion of butterflies — attack. For others — joy: some miastsy photographed against the backdrop of butterflies scare away "white clouds", and hundreds of children gather beauties in three-liter jars.

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Invasion of butterflies Neftekamsk

Posted on 01/06/2012 by user TheNeftekamskTV

Nizhnetagilskye gardeners are concerned more butterflies

1.06.12.V this year in Nizhny Tagil in the country and you can see just the invasion of white butterflies. They are quite large, and unlike conventional whiteflies or cabbage. Why so many? Threatened if such a large population of crops grown by gardeners? All these questions answered reporter Ph.D., Associate Professor of Natural Sciences NTGSPA Olga Semenova, who teaches a course of Invertebrate Zoology. Olga, as they are called butterflies?

Olga Semenova: They are ordinary boyaryshnitsy, they differ from whiteflies dark streaks on the wings. What is the reason of so many of their appearance in Nizhny Tagil?

Olga Semenova:
This is a common migration. These butterflies are very common in almost all of Europe and Asia and are able to fly long distances. Their migration to the Middle Urals, including in Nizhny Tagil, was awarded last year. And as the winter was mild, they wintered well and now multiply, the more that the warm weather is favorable for them. Is it dangerous to these butterflies and their larvae for crops?

Olga Semenova: Not at all. Gardeners need not fear for their cabbage, tomatoes, and other plants. The caterpillars of these butterflies feed on trees, such as apple, pear, cherry, hawthorn (from this tree is their name). Processing gardeners these trees for them fatal. What for them is attractive Middle Urals? Where there are more — in the city or in the woods?

Olga Semenova: They found a good source of food supply. This area is comfortable for them. Especially many boyaryshnits in the forest, you can see hordes of them along the forest roads.

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In Zlatoust invasion boyaryshnitsy

30.05.12.Mestnye residents are alarmed for the second consecutive year, butterflies invade their gardens and orchards

Flying groups of white insects fly over Chrysostom. Boyaryshnitsy plants themselves are not terrible. However, they lay eggs — there are voracious caterpillars that seriously harm the fruit trees and bushes.

Abundance of butterflies, according to experts, explained by favorable climatic conditions and lack of natural enemies. Not all birds eat these pests. Invasion boyaryshnitsy this year going through all the Chelyabinsk region and the neighboring Bashkortostan.

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In the Urals, the invasion of butterflies. Video

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