The key particle slipped in 2007




The most elusive elementary particle physics has become more impregnable. Now, to prove or disprove the existence of the Higgs boson will be even more difficult, although clarification of this question it will be a giant step towards the explanation of why the universe has mass. Recent projections of the Fermi Laboratory (Illinois, USA) push back the achievement of this goal for at least six years.

The modern explanation of the universe is concentrated in the so-called "Standard Model", which, however, does not explain the obvious fact that the physical bodies have mass. A popular theory of the Higgs states that the so-called "Higgs field" permeates the universe and gives substance through mass action "of the Higgs particle." Therefore, the detection of these particles has become a matter of the greatest importance: it would confirm the theory, and denial of their existence would make the search for a new theory — for example, the theory of sets of higher dimensions.

Earlier experiments have shown that if the Higgs boson exists, their weight should be between 114 and 211 GeV. Now the task of scientists — to determine the exact weight of the particles or by considering the whole interval, show that these particles do not. Physicists have tried to do, pushing the particles with different energies and analyzing all the cluster formed by the collision of particles.

In 2000, CERN staff found evidence of the existence of the Higgs particle at an energy of 115 GeV. But the statistics collected by them, as it soon turned out was not sufficient to draw firm conclusions. Since the new CERN accelerator will work only in 2007, scientists have tried to find an answer by Fermilab accelerator and located here.

In their experiments, the physicists are confronted beams of protons and antiprotons by analyzing the collision products for the presence of the Higgs particle. But these particles are very difficult to distinguish from the background noise, so conclusive results to a large number of collisions. However, in accordance with the just-billing in American laboratory simply fail to produce the required number of collisions to confirm or deny the existence of the Higgs particle. So now the whole world will have to wait for the Europeans.


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