The level of flood water in Tomsk close to the critical


18.04.11.Uroven Ushayka water in the river, which flows through the center of Tomsk, is 295 centimeters at a critical value — 322.

— Over the weekend with a mark of 220 centimeters of water rose up to 295 inches, including 10 inches — for the last night, — the representative of the town hall.

According to Deputy Mayor Alexander Melnikov, on Monday morning were flooded waters Ushayki four houses adjoining areas in Stepanovka. Two oil-pumping units work on the street Khmelnytsky, one — to Korolenko, where the dam closed gate devices and is water release in Ushayku. In Ust-Kerepeti work two more settings that pumped water into Tom.

On the weekend of flooding of part of the road is on the street New Kariernaya near the old bridge. In case of massive expansion of water is the stream depth of about 50 cm arranged passage: taut rope and floats the boat. In this case, the houses on the street New Kariernaya car and pedestrian action messages as usual — the bridge outside of Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

As of Monday morning, the head of ice flow on the Ob River is located at the village Tiskino Kolpashevsky district of Tomsk region, according to the press service of EMERCOM in Tomsk region Evgeny Pinchuk.

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