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9.08.11.V edition addressed user, who spoke about the deaths of birds as recorded in the private sector Nagorno neighborhood.

According to the Climate Kanaeva, the morning of 9 August, at its garden plot, he found more than a dozen dead tits. The same situation was observed in the neighboring areas.
Klim channel, user
In all there are no traces of any injuries. Ditto on the neighboring site. Maybe a lot of them and they did not die in one place, but everywhere, and, apparently, all at once.

According to men, the situation is no better in the city center. Thus, the witnesses talked about the fact that this morning on Lenin Street wipers literally "swept bird corpses from the streets."

"If this mass death caused by emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere of Perm, as it can affect the people and the overall ecology?!" — Asks a resident of the city.

Note that the theme of mass deaths of birds in the Perm region for a month already discussed at the city forum Members drew attention to "a bunch of dead birds on the road" in the region. Among the "victims" were called doves, swallows, sparrows and tits.
User Ingar:

But now the summer is really a lot of dead pigeons. And not only crushed by vehicles, but no visible damage … I think these pieces of 20-30 for 2-3 months I've seen. Only in the area of urban hills.

User GatArt:

Yesterday mowing the grass on a summer residence in area 2 is a thrush either dead sparrow. is on 6 acres …

Meanwhile, the Department for Environment and Nature Perm administration said that no significant environmental degradation that could cause mass deaths of birds, in the city in recent years has not been fixed. "If the poor environmental conditions led to the death of birds, people would have felt it myself" — told specialists.

In the management of the Perm region Rosselkhoznadzor also argue that epidemics and mass deaths of birds were observed for a long time, both in domestic and in wild birds. Most recently, the deaths of about 40,000 chickens at a chicken farm "Komsomolskaya". However, those events were caused by a purely technological reasons.
Edward Zigs, Head of Rosselkhoznadzor veterinary supervision for the Perm region:

Need to understand the causes of the particular case. People may decide to ease off the birds, scattered crumbs … In any case, it is impossible to establish the cause of death, if you do not include the dead birds for examination in veterinary hospitals.

In general, according to experts, the reasons for concern Perm not. Experts say that if the situation was really unusual in Rosselkhoznadzor already be aware of the incident and take concrete measures. And the theme of the death of the birds raised on the forum with surprising frequency, and this suggests that the problem has deep roots.

It will be recalled that the issue of mass death of birds has become extremely popular in January 2011. The first case, the interested public, there was a New Year's Eve in Arkansas (USA), where about three thousand dead blackbirds literally fell from the sky. Later, "baton" intercepted Louisiana and Kentucky, as well as countries such as Sweden, Italy, Canada, China and Romania. And if in the latter case, the deaths of birds explained alcohol poisoning (allegedly birds ate fermented berries), to name the exact cause other accidents ornithologists can not to this day.

Editor: Alexander Glushkov

Photo: Klim Kanaev


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