The Milky Way and Andromeda: a collision is imminent

The Milky Way and Andromeda: It's interesting collision is imminent

NASA astronomers said they believe in the possibility of a collision of our galaxy with a neighboring galaxy Andromeda. This will happen in 4 billion years. In this case, the Sun will change its position in the galaxy and the Earth and the solar system as a whole will be able to survive.

Collision course with the Milky Way Andromeda. At the time of contact may also be affected neighboring galaxy Triangulum.
Data on collisions, scientists have, by measuring the motion of Andromeda, located 2.5 million light-years away. It turned out that this galaxy inexorably "falls" to the Milky Way under the influence of the total gravitational field of the two galaxies and the invisible dark matter that surrounds them both. Astronomers speculate that the collision scenario will be similar to how a baseball batter sees the ball flying at him, sent pitcher, only to 2000 times faster. After the collision will be another 2 billion years until the galaxy completely mixed and the new combined gravitational field together form an elliptical galaxy. Milky Way loses its elongated shape.
Despite a huge hit, stars in both galaxies will remain intact, thanks to the great distance that divides them. Most likely will shift their orbits, many stars will have formed new orbits around the galactic center. The solar system moves closer to the edges of the Milky Way.

One of the stages of the collision, which can be seen from Earth by 3.75 billion years: Andromeda (left) bumps into the Milky Way.
The event can be in the form of an unexpected continuation of collision with another galaxy — galaxy Triangulum. Most likely, the first to meet with the galaxy Andromeda.

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