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Most real magic mirror looks like this: a small bronze disc with one side polished and the other — shows some drawing. For example, the figure of the Buddha in the lotus position. The author saw it with my own eyes: the Japanese mirror, made at the end of XVIII century. And magic is this: if you keep the mirror side of the sunbeam, the wall will affect the Buddha himself, writes "Apple"

Mongolian scholar Rinchen wrote that he had seen a mirror made in the XVII century Mongolian artist Zanabazar. When the mirror turned on the light, it appeared the image of the goddess Tara. The mysterious properties of these mirrors were discovered in China in the era of the Western Han in 206 BC. Today the secret of their lost production. They were trying to guess the secret of many professionals: both Chinese and German, and Russian, too. Could not. Although nominated curious version. For example, such. When the mirror was cast, metal solidifies evenly: first thin sections, then thick, with a relief pattern. Because of this, in bronze appear invisible to the naked look microstrain. Under the influence of light, this relief projects outline of the picture.

In ancient times, mirrors were not banal everyday objects. Some served as mascots, others perform ritual functions were even acoustic mirror. Incendiary concave mirror focused into a narrow beam of sunlight that could ignite or tow rod. Special lunar mirrors shamans night dew collected and added it to the sacrificial meals and medication. Then shamans using these potions, and again treated with mirrors tribesmen. Today, the village in the Maritime Territory Khmelnitske found a treasure Jurchen shaman of the nine most beautiful mirrors, hidden in the XII century. And, of course, without mirrors could not do the witches in their divinations. So guess the mirrors today. And not just witches.

With the mirrors has always been linked to many beliefs, only a small portion of which are still preserved. Our distant ancestors relation to the mirrors was twofold: they were revered and feared. And has always been associated with the other world. It has become a tradition since the time when the mirrors themselves have not been, and people to see themselves looking in standing water. Looking at its reverse (left becomes right) reflection, still repeating all the traffic, people thought that out of the water on them looking their soul that can take away the kingdom of the dead. Then people stopped to look in the water and in the first half of the VI millennium BC began to make mirrors of volcanic glass. Then — of polished stone. And at the beginning of the III millennium BC in Turkmenistan and Iran appeared mirror of metals: bronze, brass, silver, gold and iron. So, it was believed that the mirror — a window into the world of the dead. What if a long look at it, you can die. This and went custom, preserved until now: hang all the mirrors in the house of the deceased. The ancients did this in order that the soul of the deceased was not scared, not seeing your reflection in the mirror. And the main thing — not to take away with them the soul loved ones.

A sign that a broken mirror portends trouble later born in the Middle Ages, at the same time in many nations. Rather, it happened because of the wars and natural disasters in the first place broke the fragile mirror.

Rusichi long believed the legend that the first mirror to man gave the devil. And firmly linking the mirror with the evil spirit, using them very carefully. And in 1666, the Russian Orthodox Church officially banned in the homes keep large wall mirror. But at the same time, the ancient metal mirror made round like the sun, they attributed not only to the "other side" but also cleansing properties. Hence the belief went, if half-way had to go back home, you need to look in the mirror, that is, to purify and to enlist the support of his spirit.

Previously, soldiers took to hiking mirrors mascots to reflect the death. They say mirrors remember everything that happened to them. In this statement there is a grain of truth. In any case, some physicists believe that the mirrors at the molecular level, freeze all the images and someday people will learn to read the information.
There are numerous horror stories about mirrors. Supposedly if they have seen a lot of violence, they can make themselves evil. And even kill …

It is said one merchant, prove that his wife is being unfaithful, killed her and himself in front of a large mirror. The new owner of the house, the officer, after a while found his wife dead in front of the same mirror. He was charged with murder and sent to prison. A year before the mirror daughter died following homeowners. In each family, takes up residence in the house, dying woman. People thought that because the spirit of revenge merchant around the women's race …

Perhaps the mirror — the most mysterious of all the objects that serve man. Property mirrors to reflect and learn academics, and representatives of the occult sciences. For example, it is believed that the surface of the mirror can reflect the different energies: space coming from other objects and the individual. Therefore be treated with mirrors to be careful, because the reflected energy can be harmful. For example, it is believed that the cosmic energy of the man is not useful because it is much stronger than his own power and acts overwhelming. And, therefore, look in the mirror in the street is not recommended: can be irradiated with energy from the cosmos and to the same chance to receive a charge of negative energy of others.
The mirror can not only reflect, but also to absorb the energy — there is such an opinion. Therefore, if one mirror looks a lot of people, good and bad, are in a good and a bad mood, bad energy, being transferred, it may even cause depression or catch the disease at a weak person. The right thing to use your own mirror, look into it just in a good mood, and then it will be reflected to improve and multiply force host. However, it is important not to overdo it. The thought of a mirror can collect energy, apparently, was born sign: say, women age faster than men because they are constantly revolve in front of a mirror.


  Veronica Barabash

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