The mystery of black village




Tourists have discovered a mysterious place, pick up the Arkhangelsk pobrakonerit hinterland. Astray in a remote area Mezenski (400 kilometers from Arkhangelsk), the day after they saw walk behind the trunks of woodland village. But the joy of hope, to be fed cakes and organize a bathhouse, soon gave way to astonishment and then a mystical horror. The village was empty. Completely empty.

And it turned out that in the instant before the courts and deserted house, they went active life. Somewhere shirt was stuck with the needle thread. Somewhere hewers of wood, and so it left the ax in the trunk of a pine. In one hut on the table was a plate of soup for a long time to evaporate. And in the yard next door launched to read the paper, leaving a finger on a page greasy spot. "The Truth" on July 11, 1978.

— But the strangest thing was the other — said Felix Alukom dentist, going out every summer in towns protected. — There have been no living creatures. Not a spider in a cobweb, no mosquitoes. In the north — and no itching, no biting! Honestly, when I realized that I was "on the other side of life", has experienced the horror, felt his blood run cold in my veins, and bad voice yelled, "Let's get out of here! Quickly!"

With the first village after the discovery of a policeman company Felix communicated only after a week. The young lieutenant looked puzzled for Muscovites. A native of this area, it is, however, neither of which deserted village square in that offhand I have not. Though what surprised — it was clearly abandoned before its birth. However, the situation took thoughtfully. He pulled out an old map, figured. But even there, the villages that could somehow be correlated with the deserted village was not indicated. In the end, go in search of "Flying Dutchman" as the lieutenant had called the find tourists, he refused. Only asked: "Corpses do not see? Traces of fire or robbery? And thank God." It turns out that document is not necessary.

— It is possible, of course, that we are still confused with the place where the village saw — Felix admits. — Forests! There's hell on the trail map does not find … A curiosity continued to gnaw — what's happened?

— Empty village in good condition? Yes no mosquitoes! — Laughed into the phone browser familiar "M-E" Nikolai Fokin, Manager heliport in Mezeni, great fisherman and hunter. — Let's address, I'll go I will look. Tourist complex there organize. But in general we have a piece of the rocket easier to find — near the launch site, they occasionally fall. I do not know, tourists with a good imagination can turn up and the atomic bomb. Or UFOs. And so, that village without mosquitoes and gnats … In June? Nah.

No, it does not look like a UFO. Residents of nearby places srodu no plates or other extraterrestrial phenomena were observed. But the other "miracles" are not uncommon. For the third year, for example, in the lakes district Mezenskogo people die — as if drunk returning from a fishing trip, a day or two they will live and die. Last year, the authorities are actively told that fishermen need to drink less. Now shut up — realized that the poison gas in wetlands occasionally breaks out. Because of what? God only knows. Maybe it's the same Plesetsk. And the old-timers know — under Soviet rule somewhere in the area was a secret military facility. And it happened — suddenly the middle of summer mosquitoes or even disappeared or became sluggish in the fall. Assign the disappearance of mosquitoes with the activities of a private facility in those days no one had not occurred, and now you wonder: can, in principle tested a new weapon?

Note, some foreign radio stations include in their transmission inaudible to humans, but mosquito repellent background. It is clear that the Soviet fighters could inadvertently highly technical to scare Mezenschine and mosquitoes, and people who are mad and left everything and rushed from their homes away.

— Experiments with sound waves, able to put to flight or paralyze the enemy, conducted and maintained — confirmed the browser "M-E" is one of our famous biophysicists, who asked not to, however, as he put it, "glow in the press." — It is believed that in this way you can create a "humane weapon" that brings the living force of the system without the death and injuries. But so far, to our regret, the result of this kind of "humanity" becomes impaired brain functions. At a minimum, loss of memory, and even madness. Perhaps wood is still poorly functioning attaching any kind. Note tourists mention the panic gripped them. What then must have felt the villagers when she suddenly due to some fault howled at full capacity? Where then people go? Where are they at the power go? Have caught on so raspihali nuthouse. Sick people, no one is to blame.

Zodiac 9.2004

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