The Navy has developed a new PERSPECTIVE RUSSIAN SYSTEM BASED surface ships and submarines

January 4. According to the views of the Navy command of, at the present time the construction and development of a promising system of basing of forces and means of the fleet must meet the subsequent principles:
suitable military geographic and physiographic conditions;
the possibility of rapid deployment in areas of combat forces introduction;
proximity to mobilizing resources, urban areas and transport hubs;
minimizing the financial and economic costs;
infrastructure development of logistics;
Availability shipbuilding and repair facilities;
availability of suitable social indispensable criterion for living service members and their families;
security from threats of natural and man-made nature.
On this basis, for the period 2013-2020 years, the main efforts will be focused on the maintenance and restoration of the technical state of waterfront and shore support infrastructure in the optimization process Fri basing all fleets and the Caspian Flotilla. Due to this will be made qualitatively new conditions for deployment of submarines and surface ships promising projects.
Must also be created by a single all-encompassing system of basing submarines, landing helicopter dock ships and other surface vessels huge displacement of the last generation and the main operational bases Fri.
In the same period, will be completed by the creation of the Black Sea Fleet Russian Federation on the ground.

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