The next blow elements predict California


14.03.11.Katastroficheskoe Japanese earthquake — the most powerful ever recorded in this country — should make think America, which can be in the coming years under the impact of elements of similar size.

Frequent earthquakes of great strength will be observed in all seismically active areas, but an earthquake of great power in the next 30 years could destroy Southern California, and its main city and capital of the world film industry in Los Angeles in general can be wiped off the face of the earth.

On these frightening forecasts against the Japanese disaster reminded professor at American University in Berkeley seismologist Gary Black, which refers to the Italian newspaper La Stampa. The scientist is sure that despite the lack of a direct connection with the earthquake in Japan, the U.S. must prepare for the tremors incredible strength.

According to the professor, the constant progress of oceanic plate, which moves under the continental plate, lead to the accumulation of energy which, in turn, provokes shifts and splits. As a result of the preceding changes have accumulated a huge amount of energy, and on March 11 she freed herself.

"In recent years we have witnessed numerous earthquakes of great power. Shifts strata were more intense, but these processes fit into the overall picture of the frequency — believes seismologist. — You do not think that the greenhouse effect, at least at this stage, is the cause of increase in seismic activity. "

In the coming years, he said, the seismic processes will be observed in all the "neuralgic" areas, including the San Andreas fault that passes through California. The consequences will be dire. It is possible that Los Angeles will be underwater, as well as some Pacific islands, the article referenced InoPressa.

The American scientist notes that the city has always been subject to such a risk. In particular, the last few years, scientists say that the probability of 99.7%, for 30 years an earthquake off the west coast of the U.S., even predicting its power — 6.7 points.

So, in 2007 by specialists from the University of California at San Diego and the University of Oxford followed geophysical situation in the area and came to the conclusion that Los Angeles is "mine waiting to happen." Scientists have even described a sample scenario of terrible events.

If you push in the San Andreas Fault, which stretches from north to south along the Pacific coast in 1300 km, it will be in this area, the seismic waves meet sediments suburbs of Los Angeles and send in a way that will impact the entire energy to the center city.

In this case, most of the city could be destroyed, nearly 40,000 people will die under the rubble of buildings and skyscrapers, and the total damage from the disaster will exceed $ 150 billion, making this the most significant accident in the history of mankind.

Scientists: California Fault "is the ninth month of pregnancy"

San Andreas Fault, stretching into the interior of the continent by about 150 km, it was produced by the gradual shift Pacific plate relative to the North. They seem to be casually stroking each other, and the sea is moving north relative to the land at a rate of 2 to 5 cm per year.

For several years, scientists have measured the behavior of the San Andreas. It turned out that the placement of plates is somewhat different from those obtained with mathematical calculations. In some places, varying up to 6-8 meters. This proves only one thing: the extreme layers interfere with each other to move, and within accumulated much tension. Figuratively as Director of the Center of Seismology of Southern California, Thomas Jordan, southern San Andreas "is the ninth month of pregnancy."

Americans are already trying to minimize the impact of a possible earthquake. In the San Andreas installed network of 250 GPS-stations, tracks the lowest layers of the Earth's crust movements. This technology can detect the beginning of the earthquake in a few seconds before the shock. This minimum time gain can automatically stop the flow of gas in pipelines, start braking speed trains, to signal to the plant to shut down the reactor, as well as simply to inform the public about the beginning of the disaster.

In the long term part of California will come off from the mainland and the island becomes a

Each year in southern California there are nearly 10,000 earthquakes, although most are too weak and hardly felt. Large earthquakes in this region are usually every half century. Last similar happened in 1857. Power earthquake of 7.9 magnitude on the Richter scale. Died only two, but in those days the population of California was only 360 thousand.

With the San Andreas Fault and associated catastrophic earthquake that occurred April 8, 1906 and destroyed San Francisco. Strong earthquake broke out in California in 1989 and 1992.

In the long term, the apocalyptic events unfold, the scientists say. The area has transformed beyond recognition. In coastal areas such as the Carrizo Plain, 160 km north of Los Angeles, there was clear a giant crack in the ground. The channels of the local rivers have often changed direction. Sometimes a fixed offset channel at 120 m away.

Subsequently, the Pacific plate does go into the sea and of the coast where there is a Los Angeles, takes off from the mainland to the island and turn — not least through the hundreds of thousands of years.


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