The next controversy surrounding the Mistral

Around the middle of 2010, it became clear that the Russian Defense Ministry wants to buy for the Russian Navy's kind of amphibious assault ships of the project Mistral French production. Already in the early stages of negotiations this purchase has caused a lot of controversy, affecting both properties and tactical features of the French ships. Over time, these disputes were quiet, but at times they are renewed with the recent strength. So the public reacts to the new reports of the negotiations, signing contracts, etc.

The next controversy surrounding the "Mistral"

A few days back the debate about the "Mistral" resounded with the latest in strength. A prerequisite for this was the publication of "Vedomosti", in which, with reference to some sources in the Defense Ministry and the unnamed defense enterprise is a more than worthy of attention information. The article claimed that the first two ships for the Russian Navy will be completed, and the construction of the third and fourth, construction which was planned to carry Russian shipyards, canceled. In favor of this solution was given a reason relating to the negative things sailors to the idea of purchasing foreign amphibious ships.

Soon after the announcement of the cancellation of the construction of 2-ships at its own shipyards were other reports of another nature. A spokesman for the United Shipbuilding Company Kravchenko said that his organization did not understand some of the plans of the Ministry of Defence to phase construction of the third and fourth "Mistral". Contracts for construction these ships is not signed, but as many times stated before, they will be signed in the coming months. Just a few hours after reports the press service of the USC came to the new data. RIA announcements through their channels in the Defense Ministry learned that no one really gives up 2-landing ships, they just construction will start later than previously planned. Bookmark the third and fourth ships moved from 2013 to 2016. Suitably moved and deadlines ready fleet of ships.

As a result, the situation has cleared and message source, "Vedomosti" not confirmed. Hard to say whether these announcements expected. After the change of the Minister of Defence huge number of professionals and interested people have come to expect any configuration up to date with the War Department, at first associated with a number of controversial decisions temper taken in the past, the Minister A. Serdyukov. Contract on construction "Mistral" is just belong to this category. Yet, in the end it turned out that the new amphibious ships do not come under the cut, and will be built just a few years later. Practically speaking, specifically the controversial nature of the Russian-French treaty, and has attracted the most attention to all of our plans for the defense department regarding the purchase "Mistral".

Such nuance to the history of French ships may in some measure to shed light on the nature of today's "sensation". Since some part of the public, including experts and military, does not agree with the decision of the Defense Ministry and an old management does not see the point in buying foreign ships, it could become a "target audience" announcements. Maybe the source, "Vedomosti" simply did not have the tribute information on contracting for construction the third and fourth "Mistral", which affected the quality of the first news. In addition, we can not exclude the version, so to speak, broken telephone. Either way, if there is a source in the ministry, or the information that is not very consistent with reality or the correct data were incorrectly interpreted later.

Is noteworthy that the resolution of a dispute official statement the press service of the USC practically did not impact on the course of debate in the middle of the public interest. As before discusses the tactical and technical aspects of the "Mistral" is also very question of the need for our fleet. As before, the supporters of the purchase by pushing the possibility of foreign advanced technology and experience that will be a consequence of mandatory building ships at Russian factories. In the majority of cases referred to the transfer of technologies related with 2 French developments: the combat information management system SENIT-9 and communication systems SIC-21. Immediately this is a likely reason as to further cooperation. At the theoretical level, our homeland and France could potentially make some joint projects combat boats and ships, which will be delivered to third countries. This question has not once was rising in the light of this or another class of weapons and military equipment, and almost always such cooperation has only raised a positive reaction on the part of officials of both countries.

More common and expected by counterarguments against the purchase and construction of ships French project. Initially criticized by the very necessity of such ships for the Russian Navy. Popularly outlook, stating that the Russian Navy does not need such a landing craft, as our Marines have no place to conduct amphibious operations with the introduction of such technology. Fri second in the list of criticisms of the "hence" transfer of technology. There are some doubts about the ability of transmitting France some harsh techniques, first on electrical equipment. The general public is not yet entirely clear whether the transmitted RF complete documentation for CICS and communications. The claimed properties of these systems look pretty exciting and highest, but there are a number of professionals in certain apprehension about hiding from the Russian military shipbuilders and some of the specific disk imaging, which has a critical fundamental value.

It should be noted, after a couple of years of debate opponents shopping "Mistral" is sometimes have to agree with the need to equip our fleet of similar ships. Indeed, now in the Russian Navy is about half the 10-s large amphibious ships, the most recent of which was passed in order even in the early 90's. The number of landing craft noticeably more. In addition, this technique is palpable youthful. Yet, in our fleet no 1st ship belonging to the class of amphibious assault. So Makar, the French "Mistral" are able to do a little better quantitative and nuances of high-quality landing abilities Russian Navy. Other aspects of the international contrast while still moot.

The main feature of all the events surrounding the "Mistral" is still the decision of the Ministry of Defence. Contract on construction the first 2-ships, despite all the controversy and criticism, was signed and now there is a good reason to wait for the conclusion of agreements on the construction of the next "Mistral". In other words, the Defense Ministry has already generated their needs. The decision of the armed forces suggests that the French side has agreed to transfer all relevant technologies, instruments and equipment. In the unlikely event it is unlikely to consultations and negotiations have reached a contract. Despite the criticism of the address of the then management of the Ministry of Defense, the deal does not look ahead to losing our country.

Yet, the shift timing of construction of the third and fourth amphibious ships give rise to some suspicion. Maybe there were so
me problems with the transfer of technology or France decided to turn away from helping with the organization of the production of "Mistral" at Russian factories. If this assumption corresponds to reality, then, maybe, the last time there will be new posts on the future of the project. In addition, the number of amphibious assault ships may ultimately be limited only with 2 built in France. Either way, I would hope that the decision of the previous management of the Ministry of Defence was harsh and obmyslennym and forthcoming incarnation of the criterion of the Russian-French treaty will go calmly and smoothly configurations in the course.

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