The Pakistani Taliban took revenge for the anguish of bin Laden

The Pakistani Taliban took revenge for the "anguish" of bin Laden

Pakistani Militants "branch" of the movement "Taliban" stated that the death of 80 people in a terrorist attack in Shabqadar result was revenge for the killing of a "terrorist number one"

Branch of the movement "Taliban" in Pakistan has claimed responsibility for the death of the very few 80 people in the town of Shabqadar in northwest Pakistan (close to the border with Afghanistan, about 35 kilometers north-west of Peshawar). According to the militants, the attack was revenge for the "martyrdom" favorite "Al-Qaeda" Osama Bin Laden.

The Taliban said that the bombings were "the first act of revenge" for the death of bin Laden, and threatened by new, bigger attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Pakistani Taliban took revenge for the "anguish" of bin Laden

Terrorist act done bombers who attacked an army center of military training. Police believe that the suicide bombers were two of them blown up one by one.

The Pakistani Taliban took revenge for the "anguish" of bin Laden

According to BBC, were injured more than 100 people, including 40 — languid. Almost all the victims were recruits undergoing military training in the center. In the middle of the dead is peaceful inhabitants.

Burning Point Pakistan

In the area where the attack took place, the fighters are actively fighting with the government of Pakistan. There is speculation that these parts are based power group of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar — Afghan warlord, a favorite of the Islamic Party of Afghanistan, announced by the United States in 2003 for the international terrorist cooperation with "Al Qaeda" and the Taliban.

Experts believe that "Al Qaeda" does not have its own military units in the area, but did not rule out that the Taliban could organize local and other attacks to avenge the killing of bin Laden.

The head of "Al-Qaeda" was killed by U.S. special forces soldiers on May 2 in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad. The body of a terrorist was buried at sea.

Since then, several groups have promised to avenge the killing of the terrorist network's favorite. Namely, the Taliban have vowed to take revenge, with the identified that their first target will be Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari and representatives of the army, and the second — the United States.

How much killing Bin Laden?

Fight with bin Laden cost the United States dearly, while in the truest sense of the word. Over the last 10 years for this purpose, the U.S. government izderzhalo two trillion dollars — more than 20% of municipal debt.

This includes a large amount of money spent on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as increased security measures imposed after the September 11 attacks.

As reported portal Finns Info, Bloomberg agency estimates that this year only 45 billion dollars out of the pockets of American taxpayers will go to the payment of interest on the amount zatrechennoy on the fight against al-Qaeda.

Noteworthy that even a dead Bin Laden brings a great loss South American budget. 25% of budget spending — is part of the expenses in the amount of 285 billion dollars, which go to the United States in the aftermath of a "terrorist number one".

Economists estimate that Osama bin Laden every year costing the budget of 250 billion dollars. And with the death of his expenses have not decreased: in 2012 the U.S. government wants izderzhat additional $ 118 billion. on military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Another $ 14 billion will be spent on national security, about $ 125 billion, the Pentagon (not taking into account the funding of military operations and additional aid to Pakistan).

Echo September 11

The September 11 attacks "Auca" U.S. budget so far. For 10 years after the attacks of U.S. ground forces have increased by 92 thousand man, that cost the treasury at nine billion dollars.

Grow as the cost of the South American intelligence — intelligence alone costs $ 25-30 billion a year.

In the end, the State Security Department in the United States for the last 9 years izderzhal by $ 123 billion more than he could squander, if the terrorist attacks of September 11 were not.

In the end, except for the huge expenditure bin Laden changed the lives and minds of an entire country. Thousands of people have lost their loved ones in terrorist attacks and 2-wars. The September 11 attacks sowed suspicion and terror, and the well-known South American democracy significantly pushed the security agencies, which, under the pretext of combating the danger of relentlessly expanding its capabilities.

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