The Parliament of Ukraine has introduced biometric passports


2.10.12.Verhovnaya Rada (VR), adopted in the second reading a law bill number 10492 "On the Unified State Register of demographic," which are to be introduced in Ukraine biometric passports. "For" 233 deputies voted for the minimum required 226.

According to the document, Ukrainian passport is an identity document and proof of citizenship of Ukraine in Ukraine.

Every citizen of Ukraine, regardless of age must obtain Ukrainian passport in order. A passport of citizen of Ukraine are all individuals from birth, regardless of age, for every ten years.

Ukrainian passport is produced in the form of a card containing a contactless electronic media. Registration and issuance of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine the main manager of the registry.

Ukrainian passport shall be issued not later than thirty days after the date of filing the application form to receive it, or no later than ten working days from the date of filing the application form to receive his urgent.
The passport of citizen of Ukraine entered the following information: the name of the state, the document name, last name, name of the person, sex, nationality, date of birth, place of birth and digitized facial image, digitized signature, the unique number of entries in the registry, the document number, the expiry date of the document , date of issue of the document, the authorized entity that issued the document.

Ukrainian passport for travel abroad is in the form of booklets, which contain the right bookend contactless electronic media, and consists of a soft cover, 32 pages and pages of data.
The law specifies that the United State population registry — an electronic information and telecommunications system designed to store, process and use information about the person.
The registry is a functionally unified system consisting of a main and backup data centers and units authorized subjects.

The main computer center registry to ensure accumulation of changes of information in chronological order. Redundant data center registry to ensure reliability of data storage a central registry database by duplicating the information.

Entered in the Register, such information on the person: name and name of the person, date of birth / death, place of birth, sex, date of introduction of information about a person in the register; information on the parents (adoptive parents), guardians and other members, information on citizenship or absence and the reasons the acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine; details of the documents issued by the entity (type, document name, serial number, date of issue and the authorized person issuing the document, the validity of the document), information on the documents confirming the death of the person or entity to recognize the deceased or missing; digitized specimen signature of the person, the digitized image of the person, additional variable information.

Work on the preparation and issuance of passports should be started from January 1, 2013 law comes into force on the day following its publication.

For entry in the register of charge.

Cost of manufacture of biometric passports, according to the director of the plant "Ukraine" Maxim Stepanov is equal to the cost of conventional. According to him, the price of administrative services, including the production of biometric passports will be set as transparent — regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers. Fabrication of passports, including biometrics, will be completely controlled by the state.

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