The parliamentary opposition criticizes plans DAPA by the serial production of the helicopters Surion

Despite a number of shortcomings of the project, with the company "Korea Aerospace Industries» (KAI) in the coming months will sign a contract for a batch creation multi-purpose helicopters "Surion."

Agreement, the price of which is estimated at 6 trillion won (5.292 billion dollars), will be the largest contract for the supply of arms, made with the state-owned company.

At the request of the House of Representatives of the opposition United Democratic Party, Shin Hak-Yong (Shin Hak-yong), defense procurement agency programs of Defense of the Republic of Korea (DAPA) plans to sign contract In December of this year.

According to the views of the opposition, DAPA should not take the decision to start such a large-scale series production programs from hastily, and the conclusion of the contract should be postponed until all the required tests.

According to members of parliament from the opposition, the current administration is committed to the end of the year to sign contracts total value exceeding 15 billion dollars without proper evaluation.

That is, not counting the "unfinished" applets "Surion" will also sign contracts for the purchase of 60 new fighter (7.9 billion dollars), 36 attack helicopters (1.6 billion dollars on) and 8 marine helicopters (487 million dollars) .

MPs criticized undergone special programm "Surion."

As reported by "Korea Times", the Agency approved a series DAPA creation helicopters "Surion" June 28, before completing a series of tests, namely the motor.

According to representatives of DAPA, the company "General Motors" (motor supplier for the "Surion") graduates from the technical evaluation of emerging problems, and by September DAPA plans to make the appropriate configuration to project power plant by March 2013.

In December 2010, the Agency DAPA KAI signed a contract price of 658.1 billion won (587 million dollars), providing start small-scale production developed in conjunction with the "Eurocopter" helicopter "Surion." Original contract step provides for the supply of small-scale production to 24 vehicles by 2013.

Serial development of helicopters is scheduled to begin in late 2012 after the signing of the respective contract. In step series production is planned to produce 220 helicopters.

According to DAPA Commissioner Noh Dae-lae (Noh Dae-lae), in June, was given permission to begin the development of helicopters "Surion" for military deployment, so as to eliminate all the existing gaps and to ensure that the machine international airworthiness standards may require a couple of years. Until you have completed the test helicopter will operate with certain restrictions.

For example, during the 2013-2014. DAPA will evaluate the ability of a helicopter in the criteria of low temperatures during test flight in Alaska.

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