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July 4th all the progressive community celebrates the International Day ufologist. It was on this date in 1947, had the most remarkable event in the world of "flying saucers" — near a U.S. military base in Rockwell crashed unidentified flying object in the depths of which were found out of order "little green men". On this subject, filmed several takers for heart blockbusters, and in the Rockwell deployed a thriving business in the only museum in the world of UFOs.

But July 4, 2000 The apron humanity is not the ordinary celebrations. On this day, the International Chamber of Registration, which, it claims, has consultative status at the United Nations officially announced the award of the world's first patent for a scientific discovery in the field of "flying saucers".

Sneer on this account is easy, visual and twirl on the tongue. But the flies — separately, burgers — separately. The problem of finding extraterrestrial life is among one of the greatest challenges of science. Held and still has its fair share of expensive scientific experiments, space stations send coded signals at different frequencies, ground antenna decode space "radio noise." Unfortunately, the expected results of these experiments have not yielded.

The famous astrophysicist Iosif Shklovsky formulated two postulates: 1. The whole set of scientific observations rule out the existence of the universe other than Earth, reasonable activity. 2. Earth Sciences exclude the possibility of visiting our planet representatives of other civilizations.

These postulates in official science are something like Newton's laws, but ufologists, naturally, they do not like. Because what kind of ufologists, if UFOs do not exist?

The owner of the first patent was Ph.D. Vladimir Azhazha, who showed that many characteristics of UFOs beyond the known laws of nature, and the traces they leave behind (in the Nazca desert or last week in the Stavropol region) show signs of their mind. Shklovsky, is not right, and brothers in mind roam the universe.

Chukchi believe: say the word "bear" — and the bear came. But does the presence of a patent soon coming "little green men"?

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