The Pentagon paid rogues 1.1 trillion dollars

U.S. Department of Defense in the past 10 years has transferred 1.1 trillion dollars to companies to one degree or another involved in the fraudulent scheme. This is stated in the study, commissioned by Senator Bernie Sanders (Bernie Sanders). The designated funds were 37 companies of the defense industrial complex, which were drawn directly. Among them — Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. In general, in the performance of military contracts involving more than 300 companies accused of fraud.

According to the study, about 431 billion dollars were transferred defense companies after they have settled or legal proceedings on charges of fraud, or have been fined. With all of this in the calculation of the study Sanders takes only those companies that izderzhali to settle the charges or to pay fines of over a million bucks.

Among large companies, scammers Sanders mentions, namely, Boeing. According to the report, this company izderzhala on a court settlement on fraud charges 54 million dollars in 2000, 651.6 thousand dollars in 2003, 565 million in 2006 and 25 million in 2009. Among the regulated charges — a deliberate setting of defective transmissions for transport helicopters CH-47D Chinook U.S. Army. With all of this for 10 Concern years for various military contracts was transferred 21 billion dollars.

In turn, Lockheed Martin, in 2000 to settle charges izderzhala 4.25 million dollars, in 2002 — 6.2 million dollars, in 2003 — 37.9 million, and in 2006 — 12.6 million bucks. Among the charges mentioned — unreasonably high prices for certain works contracts with the U.S. Air Force. Past 10 years, the Pentagon under various military treaties listed companies 200 billion dollars.

In the end, Northrop Grumman izderzhala a settlement of about 410 million dollars: 5.3 million in 2000, 17.8 million — in 2003, 62 million — in 2005, 325 million dollars — in 2009. The company was charged in concealing the real state of affairs when a number of military contracts, also in placing bogus offers for tenders for contracts with the military. This company in the past 10 years, South American Defense Ministry has transferred more than 9 billion dollars.

In general, the use of various fraudulent schemes, including fake documents, financial reports, and overpricing of work over the past 10 years have been convicted of more than 300 companies that cooperated with the Pentagon directly or acted as subcontractors. In addition to the name-giving Lockheed Martin and Boeing, among them were also General Dynamics, BAE Systems, L-3, Honeywell, Motorola, Hawker Beechcraft, IBM and some others.

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