The phenomenon of the opposition. Metropolitan Youth

The paradox of the opposition.  Metropolitan YouthThe topic of this article was inspired by conversations with our own, so referred to as political opposition, precisely to their rank and file members to 25. This is the cry of the soul! These people do not care, all deny, do not want to listen!

"Our homeland without PUTIN!"- The main motto of our most highly intellectual opposition … The opposition wants to crush, but nothing worthy to offer in return can not, unless the utopian slogans like" Our homeland without corruption, "the emperor came here right Navalny to power, and for the next day or corruption remained in the past, "Putin's bloody regime."

At the moment, for some reason to be stylish in opposition to the government, and the prerequisites for such an attitude is not of mandatory. Just do not believe the devil incarnate Vladimir Fishing season completely successful, not far away hungry members of our capital's students. Any circumstances, except that "he only steals, a country he does not care … ", but if asked to explain how he or she is taken — in the best case, you will hear" This all know, fl recognizable fact … ", but more likely will scorn gifted eye or hear the accusation that you are a victim of political propaganda, and the fact that you are programmed by our "corrupt" TV. These people have neither the smallest suspicion that they may be the victim of another, much more unsafe, counter-propaganda!

For them there is only the municipal propaganda or sheer true, wherein true there only terrible. In other words, everything that is said in a positive way — it certainly propaganda and lies, and all that is aware of the dilemmas that is presented in a very bad way — all true, while worse than all, the truer. If they say about the problems in the municipal channels, then it is very underestimated, in fact all the more terrible times in 50 100, and no clearance! Counter-propaganda for these people do not exist!

Putin made a statement — not true (no matter what he said)
Putin drinks the blood of babies — the truth (despite the absurdity)

According to my observations, eighty percent of our young people safe specifically identify themselves as oppositions, but for all that each individual member considers itself unique in its own opinion, it rushed into my eyes during the March will. The next day after the election, I had the honor to speak to their fellow students on the topic "who voted for whom", so: 30 percent — did not vote at all, the other 70 for everybody, not only for the main candidate. After I told my friends about their own choice (Voted for GDP), all of them have changed in the people, and everyone on own way tried to convince me that I am a victim of censorship and the fact that I "like everyone else." A lot of fun, I'm one of the group (a little more than 20 people) voted for Vladimir, and I have all this mass is trying to assure you that I "like everyone else." The situation is paradoxical, as saying that I "like everyone else", so they indirectly confirm the legitimacy of the elections, although convinced that the elections were unfair.

All this would be funny if it were not so sad! Modern revolutions are made in the capitals of the hands of youth! I'm afraid the subsequent revolution in Russia could be her last. I am confident that under the leadership of Fishing season the country is going in the right direction … Yes, neuvvyazkami! Yes, with errors! But all the same in the right direction. I hope the Orange Revolution scenario we will not pass!

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