The physicist-turned-parapsychologist


Once there was a light at the English chemist and physicist who has not only seen a ghost — he studied them. William Crookes made many scientific discoveries.

In his later years he became interested in spiritualism, joined the Theosophical Society, and called himself a parapsychologist. Scientist engaged mysticism, excluding any mysticism, and this confirmed the existence of the afterlife.

William Crookes (William Crookes) was the eldest son of a wealthy tailor Joseph Crookes and his second wife, Mary Scott (Mary Scott). William Crookes was born in London on 17 June 1832. In the British capital, and he died 86 years later. In between these two dates Crookes discovered thallium, first received the helium in the laboratory, working on spectral analysis, on the passage of electricity through a tube ("Crookes tube" — Crookes tube) with rarefied gas and chemistry of rare metals, and developed methods for evidence of radiation .

In 1859, he founded the publication Chemical News, as its editor, he was for many years covered the news of chemistry. In 1880, the French Academy of Sciences awarded him the Gold Medal and Prize 3000 francs — in recognition of the importance of his work. Britain's Queen Victoria bestowed a knighthood to Professor Crookes in 1897, after which it became known as Sir. In 1904, Crookes invented spinthariscope — device for measuring α-particles. In 1910, he received the "Order of Merit" — Order of Merit. Here is an incomplete list of merits and achievements of Sir William Crookes.

This outstanding scholar, had won wide recognition in the scientific world for his work in chemistry and physics, not a little carried away by the study of mystical phenomena. Well would be if the snare hit mystery man with the soul of a poet, not a scientist-cracker.

"Getting to the research of psychic phenomena — wrote Arthur Conan Doyle. — Crookes, as he himself admitted, suspected that this could be a hoax. His fellow science shared this view and were pleased to see what direction to take his train of thought. They were particularly pleased with the fact that during the study began extremely qualified people. Few doubted that the invalidity of the claims of spiritualism will soon be demonstrated clearly. "

In the form in which these experiments were described Crookes, they differed rigorous scientific approach. He created and used the recording instrumentation. Crookes's experiments, produced in his office, watched intently, many reputable scientists. Therefore, it experiences no one dared to call the fraud on the part of the medium.

Professor Crookes claimed that his eyes watched the ghostly appearance and tangible figures, the phenomenon of levitation, I heard the mysterious voice, a medium sized loss of weight in the allocation of ectoplasm, recorded the appearance of the inscriptions on slates without the participation of the audience.

According to Conan Doyle, "boisterousness of opponents and supporters of excessive modesty very troubled scientist and jeopardize its scientific credibility. Not recognizing his defeat, however, he tried to avoid discussion of this issue." Subsequently, Crookes, making sure that his credibility in the scientific world is immutable, openly pleaded spiritualist and parapsychologist.

In his diary under the date of Crookes December 31, 1870 reads: "Against his will I go back to the events of a year ago. Nellie (wife Ellen Humphrey Crookes (Ellen Humphrey) — Ed.) And then I talked to our deceased friends, and when the clock struck midnight, friends wished us a happy new year. I feel they still look at me, as well as the distance to them — not a barrier, they are, I'm looking at and Nelly.

We both know that among these spirits, there is one whom all of us — and the spirits and mortals — revered as the Father and the Lord. I offer my humble prayer to him — to the great and good that he did not leave without his gracious protection Nelly and me and our little family (at Crooks grew three sons and a daughter — Ed.). Let it also will allow us to continue to spiritualistic communication with my brother who crossed into another world for more than three years ago, during the voyage of the ship. And when the elapsed years allotted to us for life on earth, even though we will gain greater happiness in the country of spirits, the outlines of which I sometimes watch. "

One day, in response to the allegation that spiritualism could not win materialistic science, Crooks said: "It seems to me that it was possible. At least there was a lot of people who believe in the existence of the afterlife."


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