The planet epidemic is among amphibians



NEW YORK, May 23. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Shamshin /. The planet is rapidly spreading deadly epidemic among amphibians. It is caused by fungal infections.

"Strains amphibian chytrid fungus attacks by blocking the penetration through the skin of vital substances. This eventually leads to heart failure, "- referring to the results of recent studies, University of California scientists reported specializing in science and medicine American journal" PLoS ONE ".

In the U.S. for deadly amphibian fungal infection was first detected in 2004. For eight years, she destroyed three-quarters of which are one of the country's largest populations of frogs in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the American West.

Scientists have found that the infection most affected amphibian habitats which are located more than one thousand meters above sea level. Their rare species on the brink of extinction in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and the alpine zone.

Epidemic prone to more than 200 species of amphibians. While living on the plains of Europe more resistant to fungal infection. The spread of the disease in amphibians actively contribute smugglers and unscrupulous traders animals. In pursuit of profit, breaking laws and prohibitions vets, they catch and sell exotic amphibians almost worldwide. As a result of a fungal mold begins to infest an area which had not previously existed.

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