The plastic bag is more dangerous than the atomic bomb

The plastic bag is more dangerous than the atomic bomb Facts

Indian Supreme Court addressed the issue of punishment for inappropriate use and improper disposal of plastic waste, especially plastic bags. Extensive use of plastic and lack of control over his fate after use contaminates lakes, ponds and urban sewage systems. Thus, the usual plastic bag in the long term is more dangerous a nuclear bomb.

Here's a plastic bag is extremely dangerous to the environment and health of domestic and wild animals.
In court for the plastic turned two non-governmental organizations, which brought as evidence of 30-60 kg of plastic bags, which were extracted from the stomachs of cows. Since these organizations are trying to attract attention to the modernization of the system of garbage collection and recycling in India. Indeed, in many states of the country landfills are controlled by no one, and pets are free to get in there and swallow all kinds of waste, including plastic, which leads to disease, digestive problems and reduce the quality of the agricultural products. Reaction vessels for these states had signed the prohibition of the use of plastic bags.
However, please organizations demanded tougher action. They proposed to require all manufacturers of plastic bags and bottles, to be responsible for the collection of waste plastic products and their disposal. Specialists, it was estimated that the situation with the plastic situation more depressing in Indian cities; all there in unknown locations thrown over a hundred million plastic bags, especially food waste, which can attract both domestic and wild animals.
Plastic, disposable near water, river flow is on the ocean. Especially affected sea turtles, because plastic bags look like jellyfish or squid them. Swallowing a plastic "Medusa", the turtle may pay with their lives. Environmentalists already have some statistics on this.
Apply to the court a list of specific organizations is severe enough proposals aimed at changing the situation of plastic in India:
  • prohibit or suspend garbage in open storage areas and remove all open containers for disposal;
  • implement cross-cutting way to collect garbage ("door to door"). Thus it will be possible to protect animals that do not have access to the garbage pits;
  • introduce mandatory garbage sorting, separating plastic from other waste;
  • at the state level to ban the use, sale, and throwing plastic bags;
  • Provide affected by ingestion of plastic animal veterinary care.

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